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Apr 29, 2010 02:54 AM

Steak tartare - Le Severo (or Bis?) or Cafe des Musees - or elsewhere?

Yes, I've read other threads on the best steak tartare but it seems inconclusive - perhaps I should take that hint and just make my own mind up, but I wouldn't mind comments on the above from anyone who's been recently.

I've only had coffee (and amazing slice of chocolate terrine) at Cafe des Musees, but I've found the staff always lovely. But my husband has a weird prejudice against it. So I need some reinforcement from you guys - should we go?

I like the sound of the carefully sourced beef at Severo, though I've read it's cramped and service might be slow? And is Le Bis better/worse/same?

And please do throw in any other suggestions for best steak tartare joint - we don't mind travelling out of the way - in fact we'd quite like to explore a bit. We're in the far reaches of the 18th.

Thanks as ever

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  1. This recent thread should give you a good start:

    Although not a particular fan of steak tartare, I believe La Rotonde serves a pretty nice one and there is continuous service.

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    1. re: Dodo

      Thanks. Yes, saw that thread, but it didn't really help me to any definitive conclusion. Though La Rotonde did seem to come out well.

      1. re: lapengia

        I adore steal tartare and will continue to rave about about the one I had at La Rotunde. Fantastic frites and lovely salad, as well as more than serviceable bread made it a heavenly lunch, particularly sitting outside on a sunny afternoon.

    2. Have you seen this video?

      Here's another thread on the subject, and a couple of my comments.

      1. Chartier makes a surprisingly good tartare, actually, for under 12 euros.