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Apr 28, 2010 09:24 PM

For fans of Pizza, Italian Americana, outsider art, genius, and pizza, a Silvio appreciation thread.

A thread to celebrate ex-pizza maker/artist/curator/philosopher/historian Silvio, from Redford, Mi.
This guy used to make the best pizza. Too bad "THE MAN" shut him down. I still make it a point to go to his place and visit him/buy a bottle of wine to keep him in operation on occasion. Point is, it is an amazing place. It's on some Willy Wonka level shit. If you don't already know, check it out.

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  1. Um, are you talking about the Ann Arbor place?

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      I'm a bit confused, too. But, with a lead-in like, "For fans of Pizza, Italian Americana, outsider art, genius, and pizza," I'd like to stick around for clarification, and for kicks.

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        Silvio has always been in Redford. Back when he was still selling pizza (and nice, cold Peronis to go with it) I got to check the place out for the now long-defunct Orbit Magazine. That was the mid-90's.
        The place is a delight, all that sculpture everywhere carved by Silvio himself. And a dusty, dusty grocery. The pizza was great but I can understand why the food operations were shut down.

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          Ha. I guess that was a pretty vague post. The store is on located on Plymouth road. The first house on the side street is Silvio's. When you walk out the back door of the store you go through a courtyard covered in grape vines and filled with sculptures. You then cross an alley and can go into the big back yard of his house witch has many more statues that he made. Some of the ones in the back yard are at least 10 feet tall. The sculptures are made out of concrete with bits of decorative rocks and tile and found objects (toy cars, trinkets, etc.) Silvio will give you a grand tour if you stop by. He is a pretty eccentric guy. Back when he sold pizza I would go there with friends and get pizza and beer and wine and hang out at tables in the courtyard. There is also a pretty good chance that Silvio will sing for you.
          Here is a flickr set someone made.

      2. The Flicker stuff was uploaded in 2006. There has been a lot added to the place since.