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Apr 28, 2010 07:54 PM

Rounding out the restaurant list in the Dordogne

I will be celebrating a big divisible by 10 birthday this year in the Dordogne. Staying in a small town called Nadaillac de Rogue, south of Souillac. The actual birthday meal will be at Le Viuex Logis in Tremolat. Want to book a number of smaller but excellent places. Have been to the area twice before- Bergerac and Montignac- but this time will be farther east. Any recommendations in the area. Be there first two weeks in July 2010. Thanks very much. Dave.,

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  1. You are not far from ferme-auberge le Bougayrou, east of Souillac in Lacave. It may be my fave ferme-auberge in France. I have recommended it several times on CH, which you can search easily. It serves farme-fresh ingredients, from its own farm or from nearby associate farms. Must book wayyyy ahead for July. Lunch in its garden is a good option.

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      Any guidance on choosing between Chateau de la Treyne and Chateau Pont de L'Ouysee in the Lacave area. Thanks. David.

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        Of all the eateries nearby in that area, I think one eats best at the ferme-auberge le Bougayrou, because all the ingredients come from thte farm itself.
        Pont de L'Ouysee and Chateau de la Treyne are a close second in quality.
        They are real restaurants and are not ferme-auberges and have a bigger menu.
        Chateau de la Treyne is a beautiful castle hotel, at an amazing reasonable price. In terms of setting, if you have not "done" a castle, this could be an experience.

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          many thanks. Have scheduled lunch at Le Vieux Logis, Le Bougayrou and am adding Chateau de la Treyne. You're the best!

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            Mais non mais non. I happen to love farm-fresh dishes prepared simply. Le Vieux Logis and Le Bougayrou will give you excellent contrasting experience.

      2. Just a correction - you will be in Nadaillac de ROUGE, - only about 10 minutes from us. If you are going to the Vieux Logis, I'd highly recommend the weekday lunch menu. Excellent value, superb food, and since it's a good hour's drive home, better to do it in the afternoon than in the dark after a long meal.

        Also consider Bistrot: d'Epicure in Castels, just outside St Cyprien. I've never seen it mentioned here, but it's very good, more interesting food than many other duck-centred restaurants, and run by a charming couple.: 05 53 30 40 95

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          "d'Epicure in Castels, just outside St Cyprien. I've never seen it mentioned here, but it's very good, more interesting food than many other duck-centred restaurants"

          Thanx Carlus for this tip. The problem with the Dordogne/Lot area is that although the food is great, the restaurant menus get repetitious after the 4th day in the region it seems.

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            thanks for the tip. It says you are ten minutes away. Where are you? Any other local tips?

          2. The original comment has been removed