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Apr 28, 2010 06:52 PM

Chinese restaurants in Guadalajara

Are there any good Chinese restaurants in Guadalajara? All I've found are some places in the food courts of some of the malls and some restaurants that don't look at all promising.

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  1. Short answer: no.

    Longer answer: I lived in the Guadalajara area for nearly ten years and have lived in Mexico for 30 years. The only even passable Chinese restaurant I've tried is in Mexico City, and it is only passable. Most Chinese restaurants in the entire República are mediocre at best and hideous at worst, including all of them in Guadalajara.


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      Thank you, Cristina. Most of the ones I've tried have been lacking to the point of making my homecooked Chinese food look like something good enough to serve to the late Emperor of China or President Hu.

      There is a very small Chinese restaurant in Jocotepec owned by a couple; the wife is from Taiwan. Many locals say it's very good.

      I live in Chapala and go to Guadalajara a couple of times a month to shop. I always want to go to a restaurant that has something different than what we have out here.

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        En la Republica, there are no regional chinese foods. It's straight up Panda Express, fast food. Best bet is in Mexicali for Mexicali style cantonese, also in other parts of Baja, like Tijuana. Still, nothing like the regional chinese foods in LA, or other parts of the US. I'd recommend trying some Mexican while in GDL :)

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          Hi.....I just moved from the US to mexico about a month ago. I'm originally from Indonesia. I'm looking for any asian store in guadalajara. Please info on this.
          And also.....what is the best way to call home? is there any place that sell any phonecard to call to asia with good rate? thanks a lot!!!!

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            Welcome to Mexico!
            There is an Asian store with 2 locations called Toyo. One location is on Manuel Dieguez just off Av. Mexico close to the Guadalajara government building. The other location is off Av. Lopez Mateos in Chapalita on a side street that runs into the glorieta; I don't know the name of the street. There are also Toyo Japanese restaurants owned by the same people (Japanese); one is on Av. Mexico on the corner of M. Dieguez and the other is beside the Toyo store in Chapalita. In addition, Goiti's on Av. Mexico (farther out from town) also has some Asian food products.
            I don't know about calling Asia from here. The telephone company is TelMex and I don't know if they have any spec ial rates for calling Asia. I don't think there are any phone cards with special rates, just what TelMex offers.

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              The very best way to call home to Asia is via Skype, using your computer. Poke around on the Skype website for rates to Indonesia, etc.

              The Toyo store on Manuel Diéguez has some things that other places don't have: fresh tofu, a decent (for Guadalajara) selection of noodles including shiratake noodles, and a smallish selection of canned and bottled staple sauce ingredients. The pickings aren't fabulous, but... And I wouldn't give you a nickle for all the food at the Toyo restaurant. Once was enough.

              There is one other store that sometimes sells Asian ingredients. It's south off Calz. Lázaro Cárdenas between the Mercado de Abastos and Ave. López Mateos. I think the name of the street heading south is Tonantzin. The place is just a storefront and you'll have to watch for it. I've been able to buy a few things there, like Thai sweet chili sauce and Pearl River light or dark soy. And I've seen hoisin sauce there in five-pound tins!

              In addition, there is a vegetable vendor at the Mercado de Abastos, at the south side of the retail produce section (NOT in the enormous wholesale section) who often sells Asian vegetables, things like snow peas, long beans, daikon radish, bitter melon, etc. You'll have to ask about the location of his booth.

              AND, also in the Abastos, in the section of fondas, look for the Korean-run food stand where the people prepare Japanese specialties. The tempura is good, the miso is good, and a couple of other things. They do yakitori, fried rice, and a few other dishes. Not really expensive and it's good for a fonda.


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            I live in Ajijic and would like to know if I can buy Lemongrass in Guadalajara or the seeds. Any ideas? Thanks

            1. re: tsujis

              You can buy dried lemongrass in little roundish bundles at the tianguis in Ajijic, Jocotepec, or Chapala.

              At one time, you could usually buy lemongrass to plant at the ACA nursery in Jaltepec; whoever is now running that nursery can tell you where to get it now that ACA is gone.

              Failing that, ask at the nursery next door to the Telmex office in Ajijic. If they don't have it, they may know where you can buy a plant or two.


              1. re: cristina

                Thanks Cristina for your wonderful suggestions.

        2. I have only found one passable Chinese restaurant in Guadalajara. It's near Plaza del Sol on Xochil (I think) behind the Telcel building on Lopez Mateos. Sorry I can't remember the name of the place, but you can't miss it - it's a giant Chinese compound.

          It is expensive (the Wonton soup is about $40), but it does the job. It's also always empty! But I have seen Chinese people eating there - and we don't have so many Chinese people in Guadalajara.

          I would never compare this place to the more authentic Chinese restaurants in the US, but it's MUCH better than "mall Chinese" food.

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            Thank you, deeb . Is it next to the Chinese artesanias place? I passed by too quickly to get much of a look last week when I was in Guadalajara. I have to go back to Plaza del Sol at the end of this week or first of next and will check it out, also the artesanias place too. Last week I ate at Qin in Plaza Gallerias. For a fast food place this one is consistently good, particularly in comparison to most of what you get here. I had an egg roll, sesame chicken, fried noodles and a bottle of water for $94 pesos. The portions were generous and it tasted good.

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              We tried the new PF Chang's at Plaza Andares in Zapopan last week and were very pleased with the five dishes ordered. The restaurant is very upscale and was full of elegant people at 3 pm. A good choice for those, like me, that are being seen at the Puerta de Hierro Hospital. A big lunch for two with drinks and wine was about $80 US.

            2. re: deeb

              I used to live on Xochitl and often saw Asian families going into that restaurant, though I have no idea if they were Chinese. Didn't try it, though. I'm pretty sure bus #358 runs past it, if you're a transit user.

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                This restaurant wasn't open when I was there in May and didn't look open in June either. The man in the artesan shop said it would be open in late May.

                What dishes do they have besides wonton soup? Do they have dim sum, Peking duck? I want to go with some friends for my birthday Tuesday, but PF Chang's sounds too expensve for us. Do either this restaurant or PF Chang's have a smoking area or outside seating? All of us except one smoke.

                We all live in Chapala and have cars, but we're taking my Beetle since I know how to find things in Guadalajara. (How many old gringas can you stuff in a Beeetle? Hopefully at least 4)

                If I can't find any decent Chinese, Guadalajara does have some good Japanese restaurants. Suehiro is beautiful, elegant, has excellent food; Nikoy is also very good.

                I just moved here ffrom the German-Polish border in January. I used to go to Berlin 1-2 a month. I found some very good Chinese restaurants there, but then it's a major world capital with all kinds of restaurants with food from everywhere like NYC, There was one called Heaven's Gate (Himmels Tor) that looked just like the original in the Temple of Heaven compound in Beijing, absolutely gorgeous deco. Unfortunately, the food wasn't very good, but going there was an experience. And you can buy frozen dim sum and all kinds of things, dishes, cookware, etc in the Asian markets.