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Apr 28, 2010 06:28 PM

Upscale Thai, Vietnamese, or Indian

Mother's Day is coming and I've been away from my NYC home for about a year and flailing about a bit. Mom wants Thai, Vietnamese, Indian or other Southeast/South Asian. She is a fan of Devi and Tabla, less so of Tamarind....I don't know how these are since I've gone away. Updates? I'm also seeking recommendations for other alternatives (particularly Vietnamese or Thai) that are "nice", not insanely loud, and take reservations. The resto must be in Manhattan.

Thanks in advance!!

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  1. Tabla is wonderful. O Mai is an excellent Vietnamese, but a bit more casual. Rhong-Tiam is great for Thai, but also more casual.

    87 2nd Avenue, New York, NY 10003

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      NB: The Rhong Tiam on La Guardia has closed and what used to be Kurve in the EV is now Rhong Tiam (with the crazy pink interior).

        1. re: thew

          ""as of when?"

          It happened at the end of January. While Kurve is decorated like an airport bar on Venus I've heard that the food was pretty good. It would be interesting the hear some recent reports.

          1. re: Bob Martinez

            wow, must've been just after the last time i went, then

            hope the food is the same

            1. re: thew

              Not to worry, the food is exactly the same.

    2. Would say Devi is still very most recent visit was January this year.
      I haven't eaten there, but I know Kittichai is upscale Thai and I remember the interior being quite Mother's Day appropriate, though I can't say if it's loud.

      60 Thompson St, New York, NY 10012

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      1. re: JMJD

        Kittichai has a lovely ambiance, but I thought their food was average at best, unfortunately.

      2. It's rarely mentioned here, but we've had several satisfying dinners at Sapphire, an upscale Indian resto on Bway and 61st. Ambience is quiet and comfortable; service is efficient if not particularly warm; food is generally good to very good; menu offers some interesting choices . They're on Opentable.

        1. Indochine is always buzzing and a fun environment. Decent to good food.

          430 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10003

          1. dhaba for indian

            rhong tiam for thai