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Apr 28, 2010 05:15 PM

Derby Plans

What are you all making for Derby?

I know most people grill out but I was thinking about doing Roast Leg of Lamb. I suppose I could just grill it instead. Anyway, what do you got on tap?

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  1. I am a Kentucky native living on the Washington State. My husband and I host a Derby Party annually and the locals love it. The ladies are very competitive in the hat contest. It will be mid afternoon here - so it's more like hearty appetizers. I order the glasses from Louisville and serve Mint Juleps (of course) and Sweet Tea. Food includes shrimp with three sauces, fried chicken wings, pimento cheese sandwiches, veggies with a benedictine dip, cole slaw, fruit salad, deviled eggs, cheese straws, chocolate pecan tassies, bourbon balls, lime coolers, strawberries with dip.

    1. I'm making cucumber & chicken salad sandwiches....maybe a spin-artichoke dip too.

      1. we are smoking a boston butt, not very derbyish but still southern