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Apr 28, 2010 04:01 PM

Restos in Dublin, Ireland

Heading to Ireland and looking for good eats. Will be with a pescatarian but that is flexible. Will be in Galway as well. Any suggestions of "must eats" in Ireland appreciated.

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  1. A couple of fishy spots.
    Dublin - Cavistons in Glasthule (south of city, near Dun Laoghaire).
    Galway - McDonaghs is a decent fish and chip place in the centre of town, near Spanish Arch.

    1. Galway - I dont have a clue.

      Dublin - I just left this for someone else.

      Other things worth a mention are:

      Thorntons* for the 25e Lunch is very good value.

      Chapter One* is worth a visit Lunch and Pre Theatre 40e or A la Carte 70ish

      If you wanna splash out Guildbauds** is a pleasant experience, Lunch is about 50 a head dinner sky rockets.

      1. just came back from a trip to ireland. there's a lot of seafood there, so you're in luck.
        some restaurants in dublin that stood out:
        cornucopia on wicklow street for a casual lunch!
        for brunch, cake cafe, hidden on pleasants street, is adorable and delicious.