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Apr 28, 2010 03:50 PM


I heard it's open, and they have some sort of interesting rotating region menu. Anyone been yet?

Sorry if this is a duplicate topic. I tried searching for the restaurant, but searching for "forum" in a. . forum. . . doesn't work so well ;)

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  1. It's a restaurant run by a former Cargill exec, who promises a big role for Sysco foods in shaping the menu.

    Yeah. Not on my to-do list.

    1. For what it's worth, here's the only mention that I've read from someone who's actually eaten at Forum. Note that it was the preview party.

      40 7th St S, Minneapolis, MN 55402

      1. I've dined at the old Forum Cafe, Scottie's and Goodfellows that have occupied that decor dating back to the early 70s. So I'll probably check out the newest iteration mainly to see it again. The art deco motif has been retained and preserved over the years. At one time it was dismantled and stored away when the City Center was built. It is not in its original building. It should be interesting to see how David Shea restored it this time.

        1. I stopped by for Happy Hour after work on Friday to check the place out and left feeling average... The waiter, although very eager and attentive seemed truly overwhelmed which gave sort of a chaotic feeling to the visit. The house wine was very good for an inexpensive fix and the ceviche was excellent. The duck crostini was underwhelming and I love duck confit.

          Aside from what felt like first month jitters, the space seems more industrial than romantic. I was excited about the historic art deco interior but the corduroy fabric on the booth seating and the overall layout seemed like much of the design was an afterthought. I know that it was carefully planned so maybe it's just a taste issue.

          Anyway, as I mentioned, I didn't eat dinner but I did look over the menu (both lunch and dinner) and it seemed generally over priced and sort of disjointed in an "all things to all people" sort of way. I dine out very often and am not afraid to spend money on great food but, frankly, I want more than great food and I just didn't feel "the experience" here. Hopefully others will.

          Another note on pricing. I work downtown and eat out nearly every day. I can tell you right now that you need to try harder to hit the $10-12 price point with sandwhiches and burgers if you're going to stay open during lunch rather than the $14-$16 range in this neighborhood. When you add in the huge sales tax in Minneapolis plus an iced tea and tip, going well over $20 per person is not sustainable. Just my two cents.

          40 7th St S, Minneapolis, MN 55402

          1. Well, I wound up at Forum anyway despite what I read on here because someone got us a gift certificate to it, and I rarely turn down free food. I'm sorry to say I won't be back. It's a shame, as I liked the design of the restaurant quite a bit - but then I'm a fan of that era of architecture. I might advise them to pick more appropriate music, though. A lavishly-designed 1920's-era space is not the atmosphere for Creed. Someone figured this out halfway through dinner and switched to jazz standards, a much better choice.

            As for dinner, it's not that the food was bad, per se, although some of it wasn't very good, but even the food that we liked, wasn't good enough to justify the prices.

            We started with the truffle lobster mac & cheese, which someone had told us was good. It was. . sorta nice, but the lobster they used was obviously rock (I tend to be a lobster purist - Maine or nothin') and since rock lobster has a very mild flavor, it's pretty dumb to mask it by mixing bacon bits into the dish. I only knew there was lobster in there because I saw it, and there were chunks that didn't have the same texture as the pasta. The flavor was fine, but it was pretty much truffle and bacon. The lobster seems to have been tossed in there so they can say it has lobster in it and charge more.

            My companion had the beef stroganoff with which I was underimpressed. It came off more like beef and au jus poured over noodles. If there was any sort of sour cream or cream-anything in the sauce, I couldn't detect it, and the color backed my taste buds up. The beef was nice and tender, but it wasn't stroganoff.

            I had the duck. I've never had duck jerky before, and didn't know I was ordering it last night, but that's what I got. Four slices arranged in a cross pattern over diced potatoes and a butternut squash sauce. The potatoes were good. One piece of the duck was tender and had good flavor, but the other three were tough - we're talking fairly close to duck gum here.

            To round it off we had the "Minnesota S'more," which was the best part of the meal. They somehow got the meringue to the taste and texture of marshmallow creme (of course, the obvious question is, "then why not just use marshmallow creme and call it good?") and the chocolate was good, though not great.

            All in all, were this restaurant priced in the Applebees/TGI-Friday's range, I think it could compete pretty well with that kind of restaurant. But at $100 for two, they need to up the quality significantly.

            I thought it rather telling that during the dinner rush in busy downtown there were only 3 or 4 tables in use, and a few sitting at the bar drinking.

            40 7th St S, Minneapolis, MN 55402

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            1. re: shadowfax

              "A lavishly-designed 1920's-era space is not the atmosphere for Creed."

              But Creed is apropos of the cuisine from what I understand.

              1. re: kevin47

                I have been underwhelmed by the food and service both times I've been in. They need to keep somebody's fingers away from the music station..."Last Kiss" by Pearl Jam was playing the last time I stopped in.

                Forum has been on the MN Revenue liquor posting list for non-payment of taxes since December. Which is why there are only four tap beer handles on a 10-tap station at the bar. And Ringo is already history. It doesn't bode well. A shame, because it really is a beautiful space.