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Apr 28, 2010 03:09 PM

Labne Sweet???

Hi. Does any one eat their Labne sweet? For example, with a quince or fig spread? I've been buying Labne lately instead of Fage and Krinos Greek Yogurts, and noticed everyone really only eating Labne as a savory dish. Thanks for your input in advance.

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  1. I've had labne sweet (with fruit or honey) and savory (tzatziki). Labne is just strained yogurt, and it goes very well with preserves or honey. I think quince and yogurt is just a heavenly combination.

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      Thanks. I thought I might be weird or something.

    2. My mother made cheesecake with it and said it wasn't bad. Personally I don't like the sweet combo with yogurt but I know others do so why not.

      The ones purchased tend to be salty around here, so if you want to make your own without just strain the yogurt and don't add salt, it takes longer to strain but I've done it a few times because I forgot the salt.

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        Yeah, I purchased the Dana brand and it was salted. i just found a new place that sells a lot of different brands of labne. Besides the Dana brand, they sell both of Karoun Dairies' versions (one is creamier and more sour), as well as Imperial Foods Victor's Cheese version.

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          I find Karoun to be too sour though. I like Trader Joe's full-fat Greek yogurt.

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            Yeah, I heard that about Karoun Dairies' version. I've heard their 'Arz' labeled version is creamier, while their version just sold as 'Karoun Dairies' is more sour. That seems kind of backwards to me. I would have thought their 'Arz' version would be more sour, because it is marketed to Middle Eastern foodies.

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              I've tried both and thought they were too sour. There isn't any other brand of Greek yogurt where I live, so I need to go to TJ's if I want a milder yogurt.