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Apr 28, 2010 02:55 PM

Downtown Pittsburgh help with no car

Coworkers and I will be in Pittsburgh all week with no car (all late 20s and 30-somethings). We are staying at the Pittsburgh Marriott (by Mellon Arena) and will rely on our feet, public transportation, or taxi to get around. We are looking for interesting dinner options. We are not picky at all and are suckers for good beers on tap (local beers would be great). Our per diem isn't *that* generous, so moderately priced places would be great (think <$20/entree, obviously less is better!).

Other than price point, neighborhood safety is our only other consideration. I'll walk a mile for a great burrito however being that we are without a vehicle we need walkable neighborhoods with sidewalks.

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  1. you'll probably want to get yourselves over to Southside/Carson St. Strip District has Kaya and variety of other options. Sixth St b/w Penn Ave and Clemente Bridge has some options. Enjoy

    1. You can use google transit and pretty much go anywhere in the city using the buses. Just enter the start and end addresses and it'll give you the bus and time. It should be easy to get to the strip or lawrenceville using the bus or taxi.That said you can easily just stay downtown and walk, downtown pittsburgh is very walkable. I can't really make any recommendations though - I don't really eat dinner downtown much, and when I go for lunch I usually go to places that would be too much $$$ for dinner so I can try their food.

      1. I took my son last year to visit U-Pitt and stayed in the same Hotel. They had a courtesy shuttle that took me anywhere in town that I wanted to go. I had my car, but left it parked and utilized the shuttle. I went to Fatheads Saloon on the Southside. Great beerbar!!!!!

        Also consider the Church Brew Works for local beer. A micro brewery literally house in an old church.

        1. Check out Mitchell's on Ross Street. Walkable.

          If you get over to the South Side, look into "Yo, Rita." Honestly, you'll be talkin' about it when you get home.

          These are both comfortable kinda places.

          Fathead's, as previously mentioned, is on the South Side, too. Great beer selection and unbelievable sandwiches. Check out the menu for "headwiches." They also have their own house beers.

          Ross Street Cafe
          100 Ross St, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

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            FYI, even though this post is probably too late, the Marriott across from the Mellon Center offers a free shuttle service all around town, with drop off and pickup. We took advantage of it a few weekends ago & it was great. All you need to do is tip the driver. They do not run on Sundays, however.