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Apr 28, 2010 02:35 PM

ISO Indian Candy

In BC I had the most outrageously delicious Indian candy. I found it in several places and it was fresh and moist. I have seen it in the basement of SLM here, but the guy thinks he's selling diamonds at the price he's charging. Does anyone make it locally, or is it not a tradition around ON?

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  1. Aside from SLM, I've only seen it in BC. I recall it being referred to as Haida candy, which may explain its popularity out west. I adore the stuff and would love to see it made here, but our access to salmon is somewhat limited. I think the technique could be successfully applied to other types of fish, though. Hmm, I smell a business opportunity!

    My SOs father goes salmon fishing annually. One year, he opted to have some of his catch made into Indian candy and vacuum packed for shipment home (on ice). It was awesome. If they can do it at the fishing lodge, it can't be too tough a process.

    1. While I was visiting Nova Scotia a few years ago, I discovered a company called St. Mary's River Smokehouse. They have a product called Maple Flavour Oven Smoked Atlantic Salmon. It is sooooo delicious although I don't know if it is the same as Indian Candy (have never actually had Indian Candy so can't compare). They have several other flavoured salmon products but the maple is by far my favorite. I have been able to find it at Sobey's and lately at Loblaws. It is usually in the coolers near the fresh fish area. St. Mary's River Smokehouse's website is:

      Hope this helps.

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        Yes, I've tried this. It's not even close. It's hot smoked salmon and alright for what it is, but good Indian candy is a whole other sensory experience, taste , texture etc.

      2. I've had it at Rodneys Oyster House on King Street West

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          I had it at Rodney's By Bay last Friday. Dang, that stuff is delish.

          Rodney's By Bay
          56 Temperance Street, Toronto, ON M5H 3V5, CA

        2. I saw it this week at Fresh & Wild (Spadina) and have bought it previously at Pusateri's but in both cases was the same pre-packaged brand from BC and $whoa!$. I've never had it fresh so I can't compare it. Most of the grocery stores I called didn't even know what it was.

          1539 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON M5M, CA

          1. I stock up twice a year during One Of A Kind. The Fishery from BC has a booth and they sell them at $10 a package of about 10-12 strips. I can check the weight when I get home.