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Apr 28, 2010 02:21 PM

Martin's BBQ @ Nashville, TN..........

Anyone got any information on this fine establishment.

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  1. They've recently moved to a new location...everyone swears by the place..I wasn't impressed at all when I went during opening weekend at the new location. Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives recently filmed there as well. They are located about 15ish miles outside of downtown Nashville in Nolensville. Hopefully they've worked out all their kinks...I'm willing to give them another shot..

    1. have been to the old location twice and both times it was worth the trip...maybe get there before ddd premieres to avoid the crowds

      1. We both thoroughly enjoyed our meals there.

        Ribs, just slightly overcooked but forgivable due to excellent flavour.

        BBQ, succulent but I like a bit more smoke. No complaints.

        Brisket, As above but neither of us are huge brisket fans.

        Chicken Taco, interesting and very tasty.

        Creamy slaw, very much liked it.

        Beans, outstanding.

        Sauce, incredible.

        There's pictures here.


        1. We were there about a year ago or so and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was not spectacular but very good and worth a side trip if any where near the area.
          I want the receipt for the sauce on the smoked wings.