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Apr 28, 2010 02:20 PM

Suggestions for Saturday Dinner in the 9th (or 10th I guess)

We have a quick stopover in Paris coming up on a Saturday. Eventually we'll be returning to Paris and I've lined up reservations at Le Cinq, Aux Lyonnaise and Taillvent. But for our first night I'm looking for a nice restaurant fairly near our hotel (we're staying close to Gare Est).

Any suggestions for the first meal of our Europe trip?

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  1. Le Pétrelle, Chez Julien, Brasserie Flo, Au Petit RIche, Wally le Saharien, Table 28 (is is still open?), A l'Ami Louis

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    1. re: souphie

      Thanks for the suggestions! According to their blog, Table 28 is no longer open.

      1. re: mosescurry

        La Grille, very near.
        Carte Blanche, fairly near.
        Both wonderful.

        Last week Daniel Rose, while selling me killer asparagus, told me that Table 28 had been sold to an Israeli gentleman. The new Spring will open sometime in the summer…
        What was some of the other resto-gossip or gossip-gossip?
        O he said a new Regalade was opening in the 'hood, on rue St Honoré.
        Off topic: I can't see, can't read, can't breathe today. Pollen? Pollution? Volcanic ash?

      2. re: souphie

        I'm pretty sure that Table 28 is closed. Wally is an interesting suggestion. Our dinner last summer at Chez Julien, reserved only because of the dearth of dining rooms open in August plus my husband's interest in Art Nouveau, was one of the more grim meals in Paris.

        Besides Wally, would echo Parigo's list while not denigrating Souphie's others than Julien.

        1. re: souphie

          Table 28 is definitively closed and all the eqpt gone.
          In addition to the suggestions above (particularly Petrelle) I had a very nice experience at l'Ardoise Gourmande on Belzunce.
          5.0 l'Ardoise Gourmande, 12, rue de Belzunce in the 10th,, closed Saturday lunch and Sunday night and Sunday noon is brunch, menus with two dishes and wine or water are 22 E, a la carte runs 25-50 E.
          I realized the opening of l'Ardoise Gourmande means the end of my visits and recommendation of the Terminus Nord to others alighting from the Eurostar; this place is going to replace it and maybe Chez Michel (except in game season) and Chez Casimir as well.
          It's a really slick looking place just opposite Thierry Breton's joint and has an abundance of food on the printed and chalkboard menus. There is a "menu" (prix fixe) on the left of the carte, another on the right and a lot of a la carte daily specials on the chalkboard, but rather than try to explain it all, like Ze Kitchen Galerie, everything will fall into place when addition time comes.
          I liked what I saw on the 22 E "menu" but was enraptured by the sauteed scallops and pleurottes on the a la carte chalkboard and had them (25 E). And they were simply the best of both, perfectly prepared and served.
          The wine of the month was a 16 E Morgan which can be had a la ficelle (pay per sip), which I did and loved; but they also had glasses, 1/4th's, carafes and bottles of wine too.
          My dessert was the moelleux of chocolate with vanilla ice cream that was not as runny as my daughter makes it but was pretty good; however a (strange) diseased mint leaf was on top. The bread was OK but the coffee was horrible.
          To be fair, it's only been open for 17 days and they're still working some of the kinks out (as an example, my bread was not cleared after the main course - no big deal, but....)
          My bill was 42.50 with 1/2 wine, no bottled water but just two items from the chalkboard.