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Apr 28, 2010 02:11 PM

Choosing range top - want open burners

I know my choices are limited to Blue Star, or a 4 burner Five Star. Some say Wolf is an open burner, but it didn't look that way to me. The Blue star turns me off for having a cast iron griddle, that reverses to a grill. If the fats from the meat cannot drip down and make a cloud of flavor smoke - is it a grill? I don't understand the function because I have a portable pan with raised ridges(their grill) and a portable griddle pan.

The Five Star looked interesting until I couldn't get open burners on the 6 burner rangetop.

At this point since it looks like the only option is sealed burners, I will go with Kitchenaid for the price difference.

My dream cooktop:

All burners are the same power, say 18btu or maybe bigger since I'm on LP. All burners will reduce to a low simmer. All burners are open. The grates are not porcelain coated but just cast iron. I would accept a griddle as long as it is integrated into the stove top and not a Lodge pan.

Does this exist?


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  1. The Bluestar does not have a cast iron reversable griddle the 5 Star does. Don't get a griddle, I have one, (on my 48" Bluestar) it's a great griddle, pro kitchen style, but I don't use it as much as I thought I would because it takes a while to heat up, it's great for french toast and pancakes or when you are cooking a lot of stuff, but for one offs, just too slow. For open burners (which I love) there is reallly no other option than Bulestar, and they are great burners. I love mine.

    1. You can also order the Bluestar in any configuration of burners you want (but the 22K BTU burners a re great). and no their burners don't go from simmer to blasting, use a simmer plate. Or better yet put an induction hob next to the Bluestar.

      1. I have had a 5 star with open burners for over a decade now. In getting ready to sell my house and move. I just bought a nice looking Frigidaire range with large capacity closed burners to sell with the house. (And I will once again take my 5 star with me to a new house.) I must say that the new stove looks great, and those closed burners light up almost instantly. My open burners do not light as fast, but never fail to light. However, those closed burners on the new mid range consumer stove, even high capacity ones, just do not perform as well as the open burners on the 5 star. The flame pattern on the closed burners shoots out, not up. The heat time is much slower. And even worse, the simmer on the new closed burner is not as low as the simmer on the 5 star open burner with simmer insert burner. I can’t say which is better 5 star or blue star, but I can say 5 star open burners performs much better than nice looking closed burners. I am posting this as much for those searching for closed burners vs. open burners as much as anything else. If you can afford it, go with open burners. Once you have owned open burners, closed burners are a disappointment every time you put on the teakettle.

        1. Look at Capital Culinarian. Fantastic, and the default option is 23k true open burners which go down to ~ 150F. You can get 6 burners in a 36" rangetop. Their wok grate is also the best I've seen on a residential range. Cast iron grates. You can have a griddle or grill, or not, as you like.

          I'm a little confused about your comments about Blue Star (about the griddle) - it sounds like you want just 6 burners (and no griddle), in which case I believe that's one of the options you can get.

          We have a 30" Culinarian range, and have been pretty happy with it overall.