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Apr 28, 2010 01:33 PM

Help finding local merchant to ship wine!

My dearest friends are moving back to Ireland after 10 years in the States. The last 5 of those years they've been accumulating a collection of wine. While most of it is under $50/bottle, they don't want to just go on a drink it. They want a supply for when they land on the other side of the pond. I've done the research, and it looks the like the best (legal) way to do it is to find a wine merchant on either side to have it shipped from.

Anyone know of localy wine merchants (SF please) who would assist (for a fee, I'm sure) with this operation?


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  1. I have used Adventures in Wine in Daly City for exactly the same thing; although I was bringing wine INTO the country from Argentina. It is NOT cheap, however but they would know the legal issues about exporting and have all the licenses.

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      A in W is exactly what I was thinking. You need someone with an import/export license who can handle the paperwork. A variety of local shops will ship within the USA, but exporting is different.

    2. You might try Napa Valley Winery Exchange or the Press Club. They do a lot of tourist business.

      Napa Valley Winery Exchange
      415 Taylor St, San Francisco, CA

      Press Club SF
      20 Yerba Buena lane, San Francisco, CA

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        I believe the Press Club is only licensed for the eight wineries within its space.