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Apr 28, 2010 01:02 PM

What do you love to serve for brunch?

I am wondering if you have favorite dishes you make when you are serving brunch to a crowd, maybe more than 5 or 6 people? I am planning a brunch for about 30 in the distant future, and I realized when I thought, "Uh, quiche?" that I might need some inspiration. What do you love to serve or be served for brunch?

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  1. Bacon, which can be made beautifully in the oven, and muffins :-)

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    1. re: jvanderh

      Perfect! I am lucky enough to have 2 ovens. This will keep the kitchen much cleaner.

    2. Strata! There are endless variations, you can make it with sausage and cheddar, bacon and whatever cheese, ham, prosciutto, chorizo with green onions, cilantro and jack cheese.....lots of opportunity for an interesting brunch. Fruit salad, homemade sticky buns or some other sweet like banana bread, sliced melon, vegetable platter, roasted vegetable platter, mimosas and bloodies, yogurt parfaits made with homemade granola (extra credit for homemade yogurt), eggs sprinkled with herbs and a touch of cream and baked in ham cups, lightly steamed asparagus with aioli, waldorf salad, curried chicken salad.....

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        Sticky buns! Roasted vegetable platter! And I could make little mini yogurt parfaits, like verrines. Yes, homemade granola is great, but can I use Costco's? Cuz it's like crack to me.

        1. re: runwestierun

          Oh sure, use the granola you like best!

        2. re: janniecooks

          i second the strata - it is great, economical and holds really well

        3. Plenty of great baked goods, heated up in the oven, are the centerpiece of any brunch I serve for more than four. I put out a spread of Italian meats and cheeses, a dark green salad, and another salad (often Waldorf). I pass several types of butters, some flavored, with this spread. The meal lends itself just as well to good coffee as it does wine or mimosa/bloody drinks.

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          1. re: shaogo

            I really like that you serve flavored butters. So special, so easy, so make-ahead. Thank you. What flavors do you make for brunch?

            1. re: runwestierun

              Strawberry honey butter is my favorite. This is a good guidline:

          2. Add a hash brown casserole to that as well. You can also do a spiral ham. It covers a lot of ground. And I agree with jvanderh - baked bacon - yummy. Eggs Benedict is great too!

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            1. re: boyzoma

              I had tried several more "sophisticated" dishes for a brunch, but the most popular was a maple sausage and waffle breakfast casserole.


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                boyzoma - do you have a recipe for the hash brown casserole? I am all about potatoes. Sounds like a great addition to a brunch table.

                1. re: alexa52

                  Sure. Its pretty easy to make.

                  1 bags Potato O’Brien (Thawed)
                  2 tbs. melted butter
                  ½ tsp salt
                  3 tbls. Green onion
                  ½ can cream of chicken soup
                  1 ½ c. shredded cheese
                  ¾ c. sour cream
                  1 c. corn flakes for top
                  ¼ c. butter (for top)

                  Mix first 7 ingredients in 8x8 square pan and then sprinkle with crushed corn flakes. Slice ¼ c. butter thinly and place over top (cover as much area as possible). Bake at 350 for approx. 50 minutes. (This is a ½ recipe from the original). Optional diced ham or bacon can be added for a breakfast meal. Also, if desired, additional shredded cheese can be added on top before the corn flakes.

              2. I'm always on board w/bacon in the oven, like jvanderh... but for brunch, I like to take it a step further and sprinkle it with dark brown sugar and lots of cracked black pepper. It's awesome.

                I just make sure that everything I choose can be made ahead of time... I want to enjoy it too! Waste your time making omelettes and waffles for everyone and you'll never do it again. A few recent recipes I saw that looked good include baked or shirred eggs (in ramekins w/vegetables or on top of a layer of hashbrowns in a pan); homemade museli with yogurt and fruit; stratas or savory bread puddings are a great choice (a la janniecooks); layered french toast dishes are nice as well.

                I always make sure to have a bunch of drinks/cocktails ready as well - and plenty of coffee.

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                1. re: keltrue

                  "Waste your time making omelets and waffles for everyone and you'll never do it again"

                  Amen. It's cool to make one on-the-spot thing if you're serving a small group and everything else is extremely low-maintenance, but struggling to get everyone fed is miserable-- and stresses out your guests.

                  1. re: keltrue

                    Sitting here pondering what I'm going to make for late Sunday morning breakfast--and you've inspired me. Bacon w/brown sugar and black pepper coming up w/our omelette.