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Apr 28, 2010 12:47 PM

Paris restaurant on a Sunday night?

I will be in Paris for a wedding in a few weeks and am trying to find a good place to go on Sunday night. The wedding reception is at the George V and the rehearsal dinner is someplace equally "haute," I believe, so I am more interested in smaller, more casual restaurants, but with fantastic food. On my last trip I tried Chez l"Ami Jean and Comptoir, among others, and those are the types of places I'm thinking of, though something more traditionally French would be okay too, as I will be there with my boyfriend, who has only been to Paris once, a blue moon ago, for business. I definitely want French food, and am not necessarily looking for anything romantic -- we tend to prefer bustling and energetic to quiet and candlelit. At any rate, so many places are closed on Sundays, and I am getting a bit tired of slogging through my lists, so any recommendations would be much appreciated! Merci bien.

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  1. Well, coming off the V, you want some real stuff; try Le Reminet or between elegant and that - Drouant.

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Yeah, you won't be coming off Le Cinq. In fact, wedding and receptions at the George V are pretty crappy, and it would be very unfair to judge le Cinq based on that.

        Le comptoir is open on sundays. So is La Rotisserie du Beaujolais. Fish. And of course, there's always l'Ami Louis.

        1. I know what you mean about slogging through the lists to find most of them closed. I just went that it myself in Feb 2010 and found a lot of help on this forum.

          As of Feb, these were confirmed open Sunday nights:

          Drouant, where we ate, and it was just what we wanted (thank you John Talbott). Chef Antoine Westermann. Larger, a little fancier than what you may want but comfortable. Flawless service, excellent food and wine.

          Le Marcab, small trendy unique, great atmosphere. More creative dishes. Our 2nd fave meal. (thanks again John!)

          Mon Vieil Ami , popular on this forum. Also Antoine Westermann.

          Le Christine, small, trendy, also not discussed here, was hotel recommendation. But we actually liked it, not pricey but really pretty interesting. I was not a fan of the escargot.

          We also considered but didn't do some of the popular well reviewed brasseries, like La Rotunde, several of those open on sundays.

          Best of luck to you!

          1. Here are some Sunday night suggestions from Figaroscope: