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Apr 28, 2010 12:36 PM

Looking for a new 30" range - too many questions

We bought a new home and we're moving in beginning of I'm starting to shop for a new range to replace the electric range there.

Would like to stick with Dual Fuel as that's what I'm used to. Don't think I need 5 burners but I won't exclude options because of that. I've read open burners are more efficient and I don't have anything against cleaning. However, I current;y use a sealed burner Frigidaire range and don't have a huge issue with it. Ok. That said...

1) It's a slide in range that's there it a waste or an impossibility to look at freestanding ranges to go in it's place. There seems to be a lot more freestanding options than slide-in options.
2) I've DREAMED of owning a Wolf, DCS, Dacor, Thermador, Viking, etc. and now that I have the opportunity to consider one of those, the price tag on them is really hitting home - especially considering we just bought a new home. Are the higher end, commercial style ranges that much better than say a sub $2000 Frigidaire, Maytag, etc?
3) Are there any concerns in purchasing demo, open box or scratch and dent models? How likely are warranty issues to occur with higher priced ranges (if warranty's weren't covered).

Thanks in advance...

I'll have more questions later when I look at refrigerators. :)

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  1. To confuse you even more, have you considered induction? I teasingly say "Gas is soooo last millenium." I've had my Samsung induction/convection range for several months and love it. There are a number of posts here if you have any interest.

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      Great...thanks for that. :) I just started reading about them now. Interesting but I'd have to go home and check my cookware. I have a lot of aluminum which won't work. I have some SS that might and my Creuset cast irons should be good to go. I like that they seem to be more efficient - I'll check some out.

      1. re: manhattan01

        Yeah, I was carrying a magnet with me for a while. I had to get rid of some - gave to my daughter. Bought an 11 piece set of Circulon at Costco for $200. And, yes, the LC, Lodge etc. is great. And, if you live in Manhattan,not generating much heat in the summer could be a real plus.