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Apr 28, 2010 11:53 AM

Shelled, Roasted and Unsalted Pistachios

I purchased 2 large bags of roasted and unsalted pistachios for use in pistachio ice cream - I only used one bag.

Do you have any great ideas for about 2 cups of pistachios?

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    1. Nothing too original--and definitely not two cups worth--but toasted they are wonderful on top of roasted beets or carrots or brussels sprouts or asparagus or on salad (esp. those with some apple or pear or dried cranberries in them) or ice cream sundaes (wonderful w/caramel or dark chocolate); I recently used them in a crust for a lime tart (courtesy of Christina Mason). They're great in granola, in cookies (dark choc. chip & pistachio, mmmmm), in biscotti. I once used them in a delicious Indian raita. They're great w/peaches--and tonight I'm planning on putting them on top of ice cream and strawberries.

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        Love them toasted on beets. Especially nice is toasted-and-ground on beets. Gives a little bit of that rich nutty crunch in every bite without making you feel like a rabbit.

      2. David Leibovitz's absinthe cake uses them - and absinthe or other licorice-flavored aperitif - and is fantastic. I suppose you could use amaretto or something more nuttish if you don't like licorice flavor. You could also use them i/o hazelnuts in brutti ma buoni Italian nut cookies.

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            Ooh now that sounds just too good.

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                Just take a peanut brittle recipe and sub in pistachios.

                I've also done it with cashews (yum) and pecans (yummiest thus far).

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                  Pecan brittle sounds unbelievably good. And dangerous to be in the same room with!

          2. Sprinkled on top of Greek yogurt with either sea salt or honey, makes a great breakfast.