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Apr 28, 2010 11:00 AM

Friendly's Express in Coolidge Corner now open

I saw an article in the Boston Globe today that Friendly's Express has opened in Coolidge Corner. I haven't eaten there in eons and I don't recall liking the food but I did enjoy the ice cream. I'm not thrilled another chain has come to Coolidge Corner, but c'est la vie. Has anyone been by this location to peek in? I am curious if this will do well in Coolidge Corner.

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  1. I was over there the other day- it looks like a pretty typical Friendly's- lots of white and primary colors on the walls. I am not a fan of Friendlys- never have been -but Im sure there is a contingency out there who may welcome a family friendly addition to Coolidge Corner.

    1. Some have suggested that this will fill the niche that terrible old McDonald's that used to be on the same block did: social center for the neighborhood elderly. There are worse fates for a chain.

      I'm still unclear what kind of menu this place has. I'm certainly not above an occasional Fishimajig, and I genuinely like that orange sherbet-based frappe-thing, whatever it's called, but Friendly's is like a once-a-year thing for me at best.

      Mostly I'm just amused at the concept of a Friendly's "Express," given that the defining Friendly's experience is that it takes frickin' forever.

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        I'll grab a patty melt and a toasted almond ice cream cone at some point. I sure haven't noticed the space in my many wanderings thru Coolidge Corner tho.

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          According to this article on, they're promising an average wait time of 6 to 8 minutes from when you place your order (at a counter) to its being served at your table; We shall see.

          Joanie - it's on Harvard Street across from the Peet's, in the space where the Qdoba was for a while.

        2. I walked by it the other day. People were in it but they were employees undergoing training. They were very "friendly!"

          The place was clean and bright and am sure it will attract a lot of families.

          Besides the fishamagig, I think the food they serve is horrible, so I cant see myself ever eating there voluntarily.