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Apr 28, 2010 10:32 AM

The Arnold Palmer

Just back from San Francisco and I had never tried an Arnold Palmer before! Those are fantastic! Does anyone know of any restaurants that serve those here? I think adding some vodka to that might be good too.

Btw, found my macrons at Miette Bakery in the Ferry Building on the Embarcadero. Perfection; craving was satisfied.

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  1. Sweet Leaf tea makes a pretty good half lemonade/half iced tea. I'm not sure about restaurants, but in theory any restaurant that makes its own iced tea and lemonade could make you one.

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    1. re: verily

      Like you said verily - I've ordered them at lots of places, knowing that they had lemondade and tea. A lot of waitpeople already know the term.

      1. re: rudeboy

        Good deal. Get ready wait staffs...

    2. You probably know, but it's called a John Daly when you add vodka.

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      1. re: ssouth

        hahaha! I did not know that but I think it's very appropriate!

        1. re: chispa_c

          Head down to Twin/Spec's/wherever and pick up a bottle of Firefly Sweet Tea vodka, mix up your favorite lemonade, and go to town. Don't drink more than two, though!

      2. starbucks makes a shaken iced tea lemonade...I get it with green tea and sweetened. Very good.

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        1. re: texangurl

          I get mine with Passionfruit tea and sweetened... yummmy

        2. Arizona Ice Tea makes a version. I used to live in Pennsylvania not far from Latrobe and I never heard of it until I saw Arizona's version just recently (at Walgreens).