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Apr 28, 2010 10:30 AM

Blueacre Seafood

With the access we have for premium ingredients from the surrounding water Seattle deserves a better seafood restaurant.
We looked forward to eating at Blueacre after reading the menu of the great ingredients. What a disappointment! The host was cold and unwelcoming when we came in for our 7:30 reservation and it went down hill from there.
Our waiter butchered the foil on the wine bottle and proceeded to wipe the sediment from the rim with her bare fingers. Totally un-hygenic and uncouth to say the least but we figured Ok the alcohol will kill any germs.
The razor clams came smothered in batter so that we can't tell if we are eating deep fried rubbery something or other.
Next came the calamari, again heavily battered with sauteed vegetables. Taste exactly like "Deep fried squid with vegetables" at a chinese restaurant in the I.D.
The "Lump blue crab cake" followed which was overly salted and metallic tasting, a sure indication of old canned crab meat.
Last came the "Alaskan scallops" tasting of old grease on the griddle.
The potential of a great seafood restaurant in Seattle has been wasted.
Unfortunately Blueacre is just diner food dressed up in fancy clothing.

We have eaten at restaurants all over the US, Europe and Asia and must say this is the worst meal in a high end restaurant that we have ever had!

Needless to say we will not go back.

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  1. it is obvious and most sad that your experience at blueacre was abysmal - but i wonder at the fact that every single item was so poorly executed including the crabcake for which the chef has won awards and, indeed, may be the best in the city. that there was absolutely nothing offered which did not pain you turns an unfortunate eye on the source of the complaint; have you found seafood which pleased you in any of our other temples of pescatorial gastronomy?

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      Yes, there are wonderful seafood dishes at restaurants around Seattle like the yellowtail,mackerel and sardines in season at Lark.
      Skate wings, tuna at Union.
      For incredible scallops - How to cook a Wolf
      Salmon, dungeness crab cakes and halibut at Springhill to name a few.

    2. Blueacre is in the building I work in. I went there for lunch the first week it opened and thought it was wonderful.

      1. We went in to try Blueacre for Restaurant Week and for a birthday. I called in ahead to the hostess to let them know it was a birthday and it seemed they didn't know what to do with it.

        Being a former server myself, I could tell that the timing and service was off. They would bring our food first before we even finished our appetizers, which left for limited real estate on the table and awkward moments. We also had to wave down the server a few times for say a quick refill on ice tea, wine, and bread.

        The oysters were delicious and so was the spotted prawn bisque, but the crusted halibut we ordered was uninspired and bland unfortunately.

        Lastly, my gf wasn't too impressed with the china/dishes they used. She mentioned for such a fancy looking place, the dishes did look like they were from a diner.

        I really want to like this place. But I was left unimpressed with the service and the food that night.

        1. Tried Blueacre a couple days ago for late lunch/happy hour. My boyfriend and I are both cooks and friends with our fellow cooks at the Steelhead Diner; one of our favorite places to eat in Seattle. However, we were both disappointed with Blueacre. The atmosphere was cold and uninviting compared to the casual style of Steelhead. The restaurant was practically empty other than the table next to us in the bar. The happy hour items we ordered were good, but not great and overpriced for happy hour. We also each ordered a sandwich off of the lunch menu and couldn't finish more than a few bites due to blandness. Being such a huge fan of Steelhead I was really looking forward to this opening, I really hope that Blueacre will improve after a few months of being open. Will be back to try it again in a couple months.

          Steelhead Diner
          95 Pine Street, Suite 17, Seattle, WA 98101

          1. As much as I really wanted to like Blueacre because I've enjoyed Steelhead in the past, I was very disappointed in my lunch there. The prawn bisque was fabulous but everything else was disappointing. The crab cake sandwich was a small round of crab cake (and definitely not the same one he serves at Steelhead) on a giant bun. The fries were frozen Sysco variety (which has been a problem at Steelhead from the get-go). The bread on the muffaletta was stale although the meat (from Salumi) was very good. The only entree that was totally enjoyable was the kasu marinated salmon collar - but even then, the kasu marinade was not evident. It was simply a good salmon collar. I hope they can bump up the quality or I fear Blueacre will be another tourist destination.

            309 3rd Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104

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            1. re: Lauren

              I had the same predisposition as Lauren, being a fan of Steelhead and Davis. I think moving into the Oceannaire space with its intended retro-40's steamship grandeur hasn't quite worked...It's like a hermit crab in an oversized shell. the space is too large and stark, even though the colors they've added help to some extent. I think additional investment to give it more character would help, or just sealing off that back area on the NE side of the place.

              Foodwise, the broiler oyster appetizer was excellent, better than a good rockefeller. The green salad was pretty meh (as most are), but the cherry dressing was interesting. The service was very amiable and accomodating-- they were cool when she suggested a glass of wine, gave me a taste (which I did not care for) and then give me a different one . The fried sandabs were perfectly friend and served in ample numbers, the chorizo topping a bit too greasy. My wife ordered the burger (despite being embarassed abuout doing so in a seafood place) and said it was fine, but not on the level of Quinn's, for example. And those frozen Sysco fries are just bad news.

              I think I'd stick to Steelhead when I'm craving some of Davis' stuff.