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costco thick cut bacon

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for a long time, i only bought bacon at costco. thick cut. smoked. pretty sure it was kirkland. two packs taped together. decent price. tasted great.

but i cannot find it anymore. i have checked several stores in metro detroit and no luck. they have other "normal" bacon but it is nowhere near as good. does anyone know what happened?

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  1. I don't know what happened, but I would like to know as well. One of the reasons we shopped at Costco was because of that bacon and it's been gone from our area(Sacramento) for some time now. I used to buy the bagel dogs for my teenage son and they disappeared too. Should we start a discontinued costco food thread?

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      Yes, loved that bacon. Haven't seen it in a long time in my Medford Costco right outside Boston

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        I don't know about the bacon, but the bagel dogs in my area seem to be a season item. They always seem to appear around the holidays and then disappear after the Super Bowl.

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          Lots of things I love at Costco have been discontinued over the years...last week I went in search of instant mashed potatoes that they used to carry. They had one ingredient: potatoes. Now, all they have is nasty Idahoans...

          Probably could get a good thread going like the TJ one.

        2. We thought it was gone too, because it wasn't in the open cases where it normally was. But we found it in the refrigerated section next to the other bacon.