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Apr 28, 2010 10:10 AM

Source for beaten biscuits, or other tiny rolls or biscuity things, in quantity

Hi all,

I'm wondering if anyone knows a local source for anything that might reasonably sub for beaten biscuits (which, sadly, I don't have time to bake before Saturday's Derby party).

I suppose I could use small rolls that could be split, and then layered with ham. Most stuff in the mainstream grocery stores is just too large. Are there any hidden gems in the local ethnic markets you can think of that might prove useful? I'd need a bunch -- at least 30-40, probably.

Of course, if you know of a source for beaten biscuits, I'd take suggestions on that front, too.


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  1. I'd go with Martin's Potato Rolls in the tiny size which I think they call Party Rolls. They're like maybe two inches across at most. I've served little egg salad, country ham, pimento cheese etc. sandwiches on them - perfect. Available in most grocery stores (Stop and Shop etc.) Of course you could always go the tea sandwich route and just cut the crusts of decent sandwich bread. Just don't have people getting all stuffed before the Burgoo.

    1. Doubt they're made in house, but the Armenian bakeries in Watertown have bags of mini-croissants that might work.

      1. not sure whether this fits the bill, but if you go to some place like Winsor in Chinatown on Sat AM (they open around 9am but call ahead to ask what time they get these in, or if you have a large order) you can get baked bbq pork buns, about 2" across, $2.50 for an order of 3. If you don't want to go into Chinatown, Unique Dumpling in east Cambridge also has these. Be sure to specify baked, not steamed. Some other places/bakeries have these but have too much goopy sauce inside imo.

        1. Harrow's Chicken Pies in Medford and Reading sells biscuits (or maybe you'd call them "biscuit-like" rolls). Those might work...

          1. Mmmmmm beaten biscuits, much work, but so yummy.