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Apr 28, 2010 09:19 AM

Please help me locate a lunch place near King/Spadina

I've wracked my brain and searched my wits out and I'm unable to locate a lunch place I recently heard of and want to try.

It's located somewhere in the general vicinity of King and Spadina. It is primarily a lunch place. It serves pizza and sandwiches, but also some French lunch dishes. It has opened relatively recently, probably in the past year.

Any guesses?

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  1. Le Gourmand? (Spadina at Richmond)

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    1. re: chloe103

      No, it's not that.

      I hope I wasn't imagining it, it sounded tasty.

      1. re: basileater

        Jules Bistro?
        Le Select on Wellington near Spadina...

        1. re: Hmm

          Maybe you are combining Fusaro's and Jules Bistro into one. Fusaro's is italian, and the other French. Both popular with the lunch crowd in the area.

          147 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5V2L7, CA

      1. I haven't been there but could you be talking about Nook at 469 King West? Not sure about the Pizza though.