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Apr 28, 2010 08:49 AM

HELP! need a special Sunday lunch

I need a place to go for a swanky-ish lunch. (By swanky, I mean we will be in suit and tie.) This is a Fist Communion for 9 people.

For a previous Fist Communion we went to Le Jardin at the Ritz and it worked out perfectly, but they're closed for renos.

Do anyone have any suggestions? It would be Sunday at 1:30, so I don't think anyone will be wanting eggs at this point. I read there's a nice Sunday brunch at Le Montrealais Bistro-Bar in the QE, the menu looks good (real food, not just eggs), but they're booked solid for parties bigger than 2!

I'm running out of time and I'm starting to fret. Ideally we want to go to a place that feels "special", meaning not a restaurant where we go usually, and ambiance would be a plus. A buffet is not essential.

Budget is irrelevant of I can find a good place.

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    1. How about Le Renoir at the Sofitel?

      And how does a "fist" communion differ from a "first" communion?

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        I love Renoir in the Sofitel...very special

        1. re: crispy1

          I was actually leaning towards Renoir based on reviews, etc! Glad to know tow people have liked it there!

          1. re: crispy1

            While I have not been impressed at all by their lunches,
            their poached egg based breakfasts are very good if pricey. I just had their "Italian" eggs benedict with generous patties of very mild but still tasty pork patties under the perfectly prepared poached eggs. Renoir is a very pleasant breakfast if you are not budget-minded.

          2. The Wiilow Inn in Hudson? Beautiful setting.