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Apr 28, 2010 08:49 AM

New JG Restaurant at the Mark Hotel

has anyone been to this yet? any reccomended dishes?

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  1. Sam Sifton has been there. He seems excited that he got to rub elbows with Woody Allen and Paul McCartney.

    1. I was uninspired with food. The atmoshere and celebrity sighting if that's important to you. I did only have appetizers so not a fair statement above. I have friends who have loved it and gone back repeatedly. Mind you-people dress very fancy here. A great place to show off you best clothing! Had a facelift recently? You'll fit right in!!

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      1. re: UES Mayor

        I'm still having trouble reconciling Sifton's 2 star review of The Mark, which he called completely unambitious, with his two star review of SHO, a far more ambitious restaurant serving food Sifton found almost flawless.

        I haven't been to The Mark, and don't really have any intention of going, but Sifton's infatuation with the scene at The Mark over that at SHO is what really gets on my nerves. This probably means I should be worrying about more important things however.

        1. re: ChiefHDB

          You are certainly not alone. Take a look at the comments on the Diner's Journal. My husband and I vehemently disagree with his 2-star rating for SHO. The fabulous meal we had there was definitely of 3-star caliber! We are very eager to go back, especially now that Fabien Beaufour, formerly the executive sous chef at EMP, has is chef de cuisine. (He started at the beginning of March, a fact not mentioned in Sifton's review.)

          SHO photos:

          1. re: RGR

            Totally agree that SHO should be 3 stars! Amazing to me that SHO was rated 2-star, while Colicchio & Sons was rated 3. Maybe Sifton inverted the rating scale and didn't tell any of us?

            Regarding The Mark, I have not been there yet (3 reservations, but cancelled all for other options). But, I have been to ABC Restaurant (JG's other new restaurant) and was thoroughly pleased with it. Pleased, as in a restaurant shooting for 1 star -- maybe 2 -- that delivers on that ambition (which is a good thing)..

            Colicchio & Sons
            85 10th Ave, New York, NY 10011

            1. re: edwardspk

              I think the issue is that Sifton came from the "culture" section and I think he was something like media editor or something. Anyways the point is that the "scene" of a restaurant is very important to seems as much so as the food to him.

              Idk I could be wrong on this but he doesn't seem to be to be a "foodie".
              He also seemed to have downgraded SHO because of their lack of an environmentally conscious menu (that's kinda the sense I got from reading the review). I'm a huge supporter of farm to table and only serving local foods, but I don't think it should affect the # of stars a restaurant gets.
              That being said...I'm somewhat disappointed if it's true about SHO regarding the sourcing of fish, fruits, etc (although this won't stop be from trying it!)

            2. re: RGR

              I dislike SHO and think the 2 stars was just fine.

            3. re: ChiefHDB

              It's been interesting reading this thread because I took Sifton's comments on "the scene" as a sort of mockumentary, similar to his review of Nello. In fact, I like that his reviews cover this aspect of dining and don't think it overtakes the main point: the food itself.

              1. re: gloriousfood

                Gloriousfood, I won't disagree with you that Sifton likes to mock the scene (which I'm fine with), but he seemed genuinely infatuated by the fact that he got to see Woody Allen and Paul McCartney (in sneakers) at The Mark. If only he had seen RIngo Starr in jeans at SHO, it might have gotten a four.

                Wreckers, I'm not sure about the "foodie" argument, but that's mostly a semantic disagreement. Either way, Sifton's going to keep bothering me.

                1. re: ChiefHDB

                  I really did not get the impression you did but respect the different viewpoints. Like I posted upthread, this thread has been an interesting read.

              2. re: ChiefHDB

                i was totally uninspired by SHO. it was all perfectly done, and yet the entire meal and experience was less than the sum of it's parts. an anti-gestalt. lack of synergy perhaps. To me.