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Quality Seafood (South) / Softshell Crab Sandwich

I heard a new Quality Seafood has opened/will open in south Austin (South Lamar?)?? Is this right? Where is it exactly?

Also, do they have softshell crab sanwiches?

Who in town has the best softshell sandwiches?

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  1. I don't know anything about a new location but I know the regular one is advertising the softshelled crab sandwich this week.

    1. Perla's has a softshell crab BLT. However, I apologize as this isn't a recommendation. I thought the bread was too toasted - to the point where I was more focused on my mouth being cut up than the sandwich. The sandwich was flavorless, with the exception of the tomato and bibb lettuce that dressed it.

      Here's an old thread I found on CH: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/399928

      1. I read that it will be located at South Lamar and Ben White. I know of a few empty restaurant locations in that area. There's the former Fish City Grill and El Rey spaces at Brodie Oaks and then there's the old Alligator Grill location.

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          do you know an ETA?
          i am rarely down that way, but will be in that area a few times the last week of may/early june.

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            Just called Quality. They stated they have no intention of opening a second location anywhere

            Quality Seafood Wholesale
            5621 Airport Blvd, Austin, TX

          2. In the last copy of Edible Austin, it said the new location was Ben White/S Lamar... I was thinking maybe over there by central market or by the Brodie Oaks shopping center.

            I thought softshell crab season was June, but it may be different here... or you could start around May I suppose. I've never ordered one here.

            1. from Max's Wine Dive's facebook post on Wednesday:

              MAX's Wine Dive Yours truly will be at MAX's TONIGHT enjoying some of the new wines on the menu and one of this week's specials...the Soft Shell Crab Sandwich....or....could go straight for the Chicken Fried Veal Chop...come join me and choose your favorite!

              Max's Wine Dive
              207 San Jacinto, Austin, TX 78701

              1. Oohhh...looking forward to more info about a south QS! I always thought of soft shell crab season as following crawdad season....no data to back it up, though. Evangeline Cafe has a good softshell crab poboy!

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                  Same info I always had... although I guess you can get soft shells around our 'window of soft-shell crab season;' they'd jus be less plentiful... and therefore, more $$$$

                2. Ive gotta say as a long time neighbor of QS north the restaurant has really gone down hill. They've been on double secret probation with me for quite some time, and unfortunately last time I was there the happyhour shrimp were inedible- just dirty as can be. I lost my appetite completely and haven't been back since. Too bad, I've been a long-time fan, way back before they tore down the midsection and reformulated the restaurant.

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                    I'm relieved to hear somebody else say this. Last time I went, which was a year ago, it was pretty awful, not inedible, but surely bad. What I remember most was the terrible gumbo - the roux was so blonde it was practically raw and it stank of file that had just been dumped in to try to cover the mistake. The fried items stunk of old fryolater grease and were heavy with said grease. It was enough to turn me off permanently.

                    For good, barebones seafood that's prepared properly, I now go straight to Capt. Benny's on the frontage road of i35 just south of 290. It's much cheaper, tastier and fresher than QS. The gumbo, although not spectacular, is reliably good and full of tiny shrimp. The oyster are always sparkling fresh and delicious. All the fried items are fresh, crunchy from cornmeal and seasoned properly. It's nothing fancy, but it's reliably good.

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                      What happened to Quality Seafood?

                      The new[ish]owner seems earnest but the food is terrible. He needs to hire a badass for 15 clams an hour[top end of Austin's kitchen payrate] and turn the place around.

                      I wish Springhill did soft shell. Their catfish is top notch and the service always makes me want to come back.

                      Springhill Restaurant
                      2505 Pecan St W, Pflugerville, TX 78660

                      Springhill Restaurant
                      13212 W Highway 71, Bee Cave, TX 78738

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                      Hmmm, I've never eaten there, but it's always packed. I just buy seafood from there because they're nice and they buy locally (meaning domestic).

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                        Their seafood gumbo used to be one of the best in town, IMO. I'm sorry, too. It always reminds me of the song, "Jukebox with a Country Song" ("Whose idea was it to hang these ferns? This brand-new bar don't have a single burn.")!

                        So, has anyone tried the soft-shell crabs there on Thursdays?

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                          I was always thought soft-shell crabs are in season in the summer... but maybe they get them from somewhere else where crabs are molting in a different season??!? I love soft-shelled crab poboys, but mainly because when I was a kid, they were SO fresh in the summer. The restaurants wouldn't serve them any other time.

                          I usually just have a couple of beers at the bar while they are cleaning my fish... I've never ordered there. It just doesn't seem like the type of place where I'd enjoy eating unless it's really, really great. It seems like the people at the bar that are eating don't really understand great seafood dishes and fresh seafood. It seems like they serve food for the employees on break mainly.

                          Does anyone know if they were ever able to secure a South Austin location??

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                            Restaurant depot sells soft shell mangrove crabs for about $1/each (Box of 16(?) for about $18 bucks. I might grab some next time I'm there.

                            I suspect those crabs are always molting somewhere. That brand is from SE Asia.
                            Typically we (at least I do) think of them as being blue swimmer crabs.