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Apr 28, 2010 07:43 AM

It's soft-shell crab season!

My favorite time of year.

Looking for restaurants in NYC that serve high quality soft-shell crab, simply fried (no fancy preparations).

Bonus points for recommending reasonably priced crustaceans; last night I dined at Elio's on the Upper East Side and ordered the soft-shell crab special. It was heavenly until I saw the check--something like $39 for the entree. Yikes!

1621 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10028

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  1. I like em at Yasuda. A decent size, meaty and very tasty. 20 bucks per crab though.

    1. I prefere finding my own, generally in places where it's brackish water. Here in rhode island there is a winding stream that gradually feeds to the local bay, it's loaded in tall reeds and is about waist deep at the deepest and the mouth is very shallow only a foot deep. It's awesome going in there with a wide mouth net and a bucket. If you think their great in a resturant, their 10 times better and much sweeter when you get them yourself. A similar place be great to start. I recommend talking to a local fisherman, and describe the place above and ask if they know of any places like that.

      I know not a resturant, but the price is just right, as many places charge an arm and a leg for soft-shell crabs at this time of year.

      Edit-make sure you check with the local dem on regulations for harvesting soft shell crabs.

      1. As a real soft-shell crab lover I find that the soft shell crabs at the Grand Central Oyster Bar are some of the best in the city. A real surprise for me- as this is not a placfe I generally would go to. If you want to cook your own at home, stick with Citarella- always fresh and alive.

        Grand Central Oyster Bar
        89 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017

        1. Had a fantastice SSC at Mermaid downtown. I dont love the place in general but this dish was excellent.

          1. There's a restaurant on Elizabeth St that recently changed its name, was Cantoon Garden (maybe somebody remembers the new name?) Anyway it's the same restaurant, just new name. Their softshell crabs are so good that for the past couple of years when we have gone we have ordered 2 order to start, and then another. Addictive.

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              South China Garden:

              South China Garden
              22 Elizabeth St, New York, NY 10013