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Apr 28, 2010 06:44 AM

Michigan-Cape Cod- What to eat along the way?

We are planning a trip from Michigan to Cape Cod in early June. Here is the plan

Day 1: Buffalo / Niagra
Day 2: Ludlow VT
Day 3: Ludlow VT
Day 4: Hyannis, MA – With a stop in NH on the way from VT
6 Days- Provincetown Ma (with most days already planned)
Day 10-Maine (York Harbor)
Day 11- Maine (Harbor)
Day 12- Someplace between between Maine and Mi

We like local foods, good beer and ice cream and are looking for suggestions along the way. We would like to try regional specialties. Thinking about visiting a creamery in VT. We can go fancy, rustic, or dive bar- just want to make the most of the experience.
Where should we eat? Is there something worth a detour? What about food/drink related tours ect?

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  1. Fun trip- I do this drive quite frequently, as I live in East Lansing and visit family in the Albany, NY area (where I grew up). If this is your first time making the drive, quick tip: regardless of what mapquest tells you, don't take the Lewiston bridge from Ontario into NY. Follow the Peace Bridge, so that you can go right into downtown Buffalo. That way, you'll have (an almost always) short wait to cross, and you'll be able to take just a couple of quick turns to get into the Allentown/Elmwood area of Buffalo ( This is a good place to stop for a quick lunch. A quick, fresh breakfast/brunch/lunch/late afternoon snack can be had at Spot Coffee (they don't have much of a website, but the online reviews are plentiful and positive, echoing my own many personal experiences). Lots of other options in the area, but this is an easy suggestion. Definitely refuel there though, since the Thruway gets worse and worse every time I drive it- you won't want to stop to eat or drink anything.

    It looks like you've got a couple of days pencilled in for Vermont, but if you want to make an Eastern NY stop, there are two pretty great little brewpubs in the Capital District. My personal favorite is Brown's Brewing Company ( in Troy, NY (and this puts you at the base of Rt. 7, with easy access into Vermont via Bennington). They have excellent beers in many different styles, good food with a local flair, and, on a nice day, a very scenic patio looking out over the Hudson (no, not an oxymoron...). If you chose to stop for a quick beer at Brown's, and want dinner, there is an amazing (and surprising) Chinese restaurant just up Route 7 (approximately 10 minutes). It's called the Plum Blosson, on the left side of the busy road, and you could quickly miss it if you weren't looking for it. However, it's worth a stop- the owner, Steve, has been working on it for over 30 years (i.e., since I was a little girl), literally hand carving the wood inside the restaurant to bring it up to his standards. His food matches his high standards. No website, but check for online reviews.

    Back to the brewpubs...on the Albany side of the river, there is Albany Pump Station ( I would say in both food and drink, a step below Brown's, plus a little harder to find. But, still a nice place to spend an afternoon.

    I am actually just getting ready to move from Michigan to New Hampshire, so I'll be following your link to also take advantage of some other recommendations east of the Albany/Schenectady/Troy area. Happy travels!

    1. From MI living in the Boston area. We take the route through NY and then along lake Erie. Off the Ashtabula exit in OH, is Geneva-on-the-Lake. It's an old fashioned lakeside resort that's kind of honkytonk. There is a fantastic hotdog stand with outdoor seating -- the name Eddie's comes to mind. Great place to have a great dog and people watch. We enjoyed just walking around.

      In Maine, we love going to Cape Elizabeth for lobster rolls and fried seafood. It's not a long drive from Old Orchard Beach and was featured in the Boston Globe's best lobster shacks. There's nothing else there but beautiful scenery of the rocky coast of Maine and the lobster shack but we love going here.

      1. What route are you taking from Ludlow to Hyannis? It'll be easier to help you if we know a little more about what towns you're passing through - and what day of the week. There are good weekend farmers markets on Saturdays in many VT/NH towns (you can get AMAZING pate at the one in Brattleboro)
        (and be careful about what day/time you're trying to get onto the Cape!)

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          We don;t have a route plan, we were going to play that by ear. What is the best "foodie' route? We will be leaving VT on a Sunday and driving to Hyannis-staying for one night. Then on to Ptown.