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Toms River Diners?

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  • vtt7 Apr 28, 2010 06:31 AM
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I just moved to the Toms River area (Lakewood border). Are there any good diners in this area? I do see diners but none of them look busy so I wonder if they're any good. Thanks..

Toms River Diner
State Highway 37 NE, Toms River, NJ 08753

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  1. I find the Crystal Diner on 37 to be pretty good. I usual enjoy their Greek Salad with Grilled Chicken for lunch (think the "Big Salad" in Seinfeld). The greens are fresh, the chicken is moist and appears grilled to order, and the salad is "big". What more can you ask for?

    Crystal Diner
    6 Route 37 E, Toms River, NJ 08753

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      Thanks, we will give it a try. It sounds good to me....

    2. Town & Country Diner Route 37 & Tanager Dr Toms River, NJ 08753 ...
      by far our favorite diner in the Toms River area....and best bang for the buck for sure,.

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        We love the Sandcastle in Beachwood. Just redid inside. Have only been for breakfast but has always been good.

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          Agree on the Town & Country. Very extensive menu and every selection so far has been very good. Great prices with lots of food for the money.

          Town & Country Cafe
          501 Harbor Rd, Atlantic City, NJ 08401

        2. The Toms River Diner was/is my diner all through high school and college. I started and ended many an evening there over the years. These days, my circle of friends have dispersed - some were banned from the TRD, which is another story - so I find myself there less and less. When the Saturn dealership on 37 was open, I always stopped in for breakfast whilst my car was being serviced. Every once and a while I'll go for lunch or very late night for coffee. Most days I end up either at the Ocean Queen or the Rainbow Diner in Brick, the Ocean Bay Diner in Point Pleasant, or the Broadway Diner in Red Bank just because I'm in those areas more often. But those are well out of scope for the request of the original poster.

          The food at the TRD isn't exceptionally good by any stretch of the imagination and can fluctuate wildly in quality depending on who's in the back. However, some will debate that observation. One of my oldest friends swears by the tomato sauce which I wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole being held by someone else. All in all, it's a solid diner, not fancy, definitely not gourmet, but solid.

          The absolute best diner in the area was the Dover Diner at the intersection of Old Freehold Road and Route 166. They were only open for breakfast and lunch but they were absolutely the best in the area. It's been almost 2 years - correct me if I'm wrong - since the owner of the Dover Mall had it demolished to build his business's headquarters on the site.

          I also really like the Fast Break down Route 37 East at the intersection of Vaughn Avenue. They're mostly a breakfast/luncheonette but have great breakfast sandwiches and fresh-squeezed orange juice.

          Rainbow Diner Restaurant
          State Highway 70 N, Brick, NJ 08723

          Ocean Bay Diner
          1519 Richmond Ave, Point Pleasant Boro, NJ 08742

          Toms River Diner
          State Highway 37 NE, Toms River, NJ 08753

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            I agree Fast Break is a great family run breakfast place. The Rice's who own it are great and friendly and there are many, many locals who dine there every weekend. We go there at least twice a month. But it is the closest to our house as well so the most convenient. They are only open for breakfast and lunch. For other breakfast spots that are not diners -- I love Meg's on 35 in Lavallette and Bayside Cafe on the bay in Lavallette as well. Both neighborhood family run spots who put a lot of care into their food. I have not had very good food at all at the Toms River Diner. In fact while living only minutes away have only been there a handful of times in the 5 years we have lived in the area. Usually with a large group for breakfast.

            Bayside Cafe
            607 Bay Blvd, Lavallette, NJ 08735

            Toms River Diner
            State Highway 37 NE, Toms River, NJ 08753

          2. Thanks for all the suggestions....keep 'em coming. I'm looking forward to trying all of them.