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Apr 28, 2010 06:27 AM

Another Burger Thread...Best of the Retail?

Who has the best burgers available to purchase?

My pick is Roche Brother's. For the money, their quality can't be beat. I had the Roche Bros cheddar burger last night and it was delicious.

I've tried
Whole Foods
Stop & Shop
Kenneally Meats inside of Milton Food Market

I'm looking for more ideas.

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  1. Try Sulmona' Butcher Shop in the NE..ground to order.

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    1. Roche's/Sudbury Farms has good burger meat. The Restaurant Depot (not exactly retail) massive tube of meat (perhaps I should have rephrased that?) is really excellent tasting - I had people tell me it was the best burger they ever had. Since I have a freezer full of grass-fed, I haven't had much else recently, though.

      1. I'm confused, are we talking best ground beef, best pre-formed burger patties, or what, exactly?

        1. I either get a bonless chuck roast or large flank steak and have it gound for me, I want to know what I'm getting in my burger meat.

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            This is a good question. What exactly are you getting when order hamburger meat?

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              Sulmona cuts off a piece of chuck unless you ask them to grind something else.

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              Totally agree - when I run out of the pre-ground grass-fed meat, I'm going to go back to grinding cuts at home in the kitchen aid. As far as this thread goes, I'm assuming ground, fresh, formed in patties or not.

            3. Whole Foods was offering Dry Aged ground beef at a few locations last Summer, we cooked it multiple times and it was beefy, earthly deliciousness. I usually go with WF ground or Dewars if I am in Wellesley.

              I don't have a Kitchen Aid but I am tempted to grab that and and the meet grinder attachment at some point to make the perfect blend at home.

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                I had some ground skirt steaks formed into burgers earlier this week, and to my surprise, they were fantastic.