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good food along I 80

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I'm a foodie driving from Vancouver to Chicago along I 80, and I'm looking for some good food. I can't do another cross country trip surviving off of McDonalds! Help me please!!!

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  1. That can be a pretty grim route. We found very little in Wyoming or Nebraska without some serious detours. Not too far off l-80 in Iowa is The Farmer's Kitchen, in Atlantic. Atlantic is south of the interstate, but worth the extra drive.


    Farmer's Kitchen
    319 Walnut St, Atlantic, IA 50022

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      Farmer's Kitchen is worth the drive. Make the short trip and enjoy some great scratch made food.

      Farmer's Kitchen
      319 Walnut St, Atlantic, IA 50022

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        A secret of the midwestern snowbirds to and from AZ is York Steakhouase, York, NE.. Not fancy, a typical rural NE steakhouse, but, A chowhound find.

        Just drive downtown York, look for the pickups and SUV's parked, and you will be close to the Steakhouse, 3 - 4 miles from I 80.

      2. In Omaha, we like Jams open lunch and dinner
        There are quite a few recs on thsi board for Omaha

        In Oxford, Ia there is Augusta The most excellent tenderloin sandwich.
        I would call to find out there hours

        Coralville and Iowa City have lots of recs on this board as well
        We like Devotay in Iowa City

        1. rbonn, there is an exceptional place in Grand Island,Nebraska along I80 called Uncle Ed's Steakhouse. I've ate there several times while traveling. the menu is really big. They have a web site too. Order the steaks, totally superb!

          1. I've been to the Machine Shed restaurant in Davenport, IA twice lately while visiting the Quad Cities. It is just off I-80. Both times I ate there everyone in our party enjoyed their food. The portions are very generous and there is a pretty wide variety of items to choose from. The waitstaff is very friendly. I do see that they have another location off I-80 in Des Moines, IA, too.


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              It's not horrible, but it is a shadow of the restaurant it was back when it first started out. It's more of a tourist trap, these days, in my opinion. Yeah, you can get some decent food there still, but not a place I recommend to visitors.

            2. I guess the real question is how far you're willing to drive off of I-80 to get to a restaurant, as there is quite a bit in Des Moines I'd recommend, but it may take you 15 minutes to get there from an I-80 exit. Probably a 5-10 minute drive off of I-80 at the Merle Hay Rd. exit in Johnston, IA is El Chisme. I recommend getting an Al Pastor pizza there, or cabeza tacos. If you drive through Downtown Des Moines on I-235 (easy from I-80) there are a lot of places downtown that I'd recommend, namely Django (French brasserie), Miyabi 9 (sushi), Tasty Tacos. I believe someone mentioned Iowa City also, which has plenty of good food for a small town.

              Django Restaurant
              210 10th Street, Des Moines, IA 50309

              El Chisme
              2920 Merle Hay Rd, Des Moines, IA 50310

              1. Rawling, Wy has three good places:

                Aspen House Restaurant‎- nice upscale
                Anong's Thai Cusine- very good Thai
                Rose's Lariat- home-style Mexican diner

                Kearney, NE
                Thunderhead Brewing-brewpub

                1. Paxton, Neb.: Ole's Big Game Steakhouse. I haven't eaten there, but it looks like a safari hunter's dream.

                  Lincoln, Neb.: Green Gateau. Outstanding breakfasts.

                  Anita, Iowa: Redwood Steakhouse. A nice supper club restaurant with a 17-item relish tray that comes with dinners. Great onion rings, too.

                  Iowa City/Coralville, Iowa: Good variety of restaurants. Great view of the river at the Iowa River Power Co. in Coralville. Linn Street Cafe in Iowa City is good. Stop in Iowa City or Davenport for Whitey's Ice Cream.

                  Davenport/Quad Cities area: Ross's Restaurant is a greasy spoon if you like those. The Magic Mountain is a dish piled high with potatoes, toast, eggs, meat -- similar to the Springfield, Ill., specialty known as a Horseshoe. The restaurant is in Bettendorf. In East Moline, try the Belgian Village reuben on raisin bread. The slices of bread are enormous. If you want a hot fudge sundae, try Lagomarcino's.

                  Enjoy your trip... and your dining.

                  Green Gateau
                  330 S 10th St Ste 110, Lincoln, NE 68508

                  Iowa River Power Restaurant
                  501 1st Ave, Coralville, IA 52241

                  1. Wild Thai on 11th St. in Kearney. About 3 minutes from the interstate. Fantastic Thai food (and I live in a city with dozens and dozens of Thai restaurants so I know good Thai food). Service can be a little slow, but hey - you need a break from all that driving, right?