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Apr 28, 2010 05:01 AM

Bulldog Barbecue-oh so terrible

I am compelled to let my fellow chowhounders know to please STAY AWAY from this place. Decor is fine, service is average, but the food. Oh that terrible food. I'm still having nightmares about it.

I ordered the pulled pork platter with grits, and it came with a side of cold slaw and corn bread. Inexplicably the corn bread and cole slaw came out as if they were our appetizers--about 10 minutes before our entrees. The corn bread was the only edible thing I ate on that plate. The coleslaw was so watery and tasteless. The pulled pork was a complete mess--super squishy mashed to the pulp pork with absolutely no flavor, no spice. I tried to add in some flavor with the 2 kinds of sauce they had on the table-mustard and sweet bbq but neither sauce was decent at all. The grits were just simply mediocre. Nothing excited, too little salt, no pepper. My dining companion ordered a burger which I did not try. Her sweet potato fries were strange bc they were not sweet at all but had the color of sweet potato. Her mac & cheese tasted like Kraft dressed up with the addition of another cheese.

I was feeling so unsatisfied that I took the risk to order dessert, hoping that the s'mores pie would make me feel better. Unfortunately it made me feel worse. It was the strangest dessert I'd ever seen. A HUGE smore came out--enough for about 4-6 people--literally it was just a GIANT square (I mean it covered an entire dinner plate) of graham covered with a thick layer of melted chocolate and 3 inch thick covered of marshmellow It looked bizarre as did my dining companion's "Milk & Cookies" which, with the quotes, would lead you to believe there's going to be some surprise element. No, no surprise here. She received a glass of milk with 8 full size cookies -none of which tasted good. I haven't had a meal this bad in a long, long time. And it certainly goes down as the WORST barbecue i've ever eaten.

It should be noted that I noticed a large shelving unit near the bathrooms that held HUGE cans of cheese sauce, apple pie filling (perhaps for the apple crostada dessert that's listed on the menu?), among Quaker quick cooking grits and other ridiculous items a "gourmet" barbecue place should not have.

This establishment does not care about the quality of food they put out to the customer. I'll never ever step foot in that place again.

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  1. wow, I was just going to ask how this place is? Looking for good barbecue--specifically chicken and good sides...any other suggestions---from miami up to Boca?

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    1. We went there for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Had heard about because of Howie fRom Top Chef. So, so disappointed. Smelled amazing from the outside smoker in the parking lot. But it went down hill from there. The waitstaff seemed weary and uninterested. The drinks arrive in a small mason jar that never was refilled without numerous requests.

      The food was no better than cafeteria BBQ. I had the rib/chicken combo. The chicken was dry and the ribs were stringy. Flanigans have much better ribs with more tender meat.

      The only positives were the coleslaw and the restaurant's own seasoning salt.
      I was really disappointed.

      1. You know I have been there a few times. It used to be good. Went for lunch one day last week and was very disappointed. I ordered the Cobb salad. It was delivered to my table as a piping hot chicken breast over the greens. The breast was sliced into 3 huge chunks and the heat from the breast destroyed the spring mix underneath.

        All restaurants have a shelf life and I think Bulldog has reached theirs.