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Apr 28, 2010 04:40 AM

Shichimi Togarashi in cobble hill area?

I'm looking for Shichimi Togarashi in the cobble hill area and have had no luck so far. Planning to do a pickled ramp recipe that calls for it. I've tried Sahadi's, the veg place near sahadi's (which has a lot of asian spices and sauces but not this one sadly), Pacific Market, and Two for the Pot (they have chinese 5 spice blend but not japanese 7 spice blend). Any suggestions close by (would rather not trek into manhattan)?

187 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Two for the Pot
200 Clinton St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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  1. Try any of the asian bodegas on court street like the one near lobo or the one on court and 2nd place.

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    1. re: jdoo

      To clarify - not sure if this is the one you mean, but "Mun's" (across Court from Bagel world, near the intersection of Bergen) has plenty of asian stuff and is a good bet.

      1. re: cazique

        Update: I stopped by this evening and they did NOT appear to have it. I didn't see it with the Asian stuff nor with the spices (above the sushi/cash register area). Sorry.

    2. Here is an online recipe.

      Like others have said, some of the korean grocery stores might carry it, or possibly an asian-owned fish market (Ive had some luck getting Japanese ingredients at these in park slope) or a health food store.
      But frankly, you can probably throw together a similar thing.
      The sansho spice itself is prickly ash that is sort of related to szechuan pepper - so I might throw in a few of those peppercorns, ground to sub.
      Shichimi togarashi has both a chile and vegetal flavor.

      1. You can find it at the Atlantic Fruit and Veg on Atlantic Ave bt Court and Clinton. Orange shaker, back left corner.

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        1. re: EJC

          I looked there, they did not have it -- they had something called Ichimi Togarashi which appears to just be chili powder (according to the label anyway...and it looks like its not a mixture). I asked someone who worked there and they were pretty sure that wasn't the same as Shichimi togarashi.

          I decided to make a compound butter w/ my excess ramps instead (can't bear the thought of them going off and I've already done a couple of dishes with them) but will either make my own or order online for next batch of ramps.

          thanks all

          1. re: Nehna

            Apologies! I somehow have 3 different shichimi togarashis in my spice cabinet, and was pretty sure that at least one container came from there. I don't have a doorman, but if you'd like for me to leave a jar with a bartender at Last Exit, let me know!