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Apr 28, 2010 04:27 AM

Does anyone shop at Sweet Auburn Curb Market?

I saw this on Chef vs City last night, and I'm wondering are the prices reasonable and if the items are really fresh? I've had some really bad experiences with some latin markets and others where when you go in, you can smell the not so fresh meat products and that same smell permeates all the baked goods. Do they have the same issue there?

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  1. I have taken to going to the curb market for fresh vegetables, rather than brave the insanity at the DeKalb Farmer's market. The place is not terribly large, and less crowded than is probably healthy. That said, I have never noticed an issue with bad smells, and the vegetables are reliably local.

    One of the places does some great sausage, and there are stalls specializing in nothing but pork products.

    And, if you get hungry, you can always go to the Grindhouse for a really godd burger. (Better than Vortex.)

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      Thanks for the reply. Are the prices there reasonable compared to say Kroger or Publix?

    2. The prices are very good here! I can go and get fruit and vegis to last a week for a house of 2 for under 14-15$. They also have locally made cheeses that are the same average price as cheese at the big box stores. There is not a coffee roaster in here and pizza, fish fry or burger joints. This place is a pleasure for me, it actually is what a market experience should be. Of coarse you will have to get all the premaid stuff at the other guys, but this is great for meats, cheeses, seafood, fresh baked good, fruits, vegis, coffees and kimcheeeeee! check it out and and leave stress free.