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What is a good starch to have with beef short ribs?

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...other than mashed potatoes.

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  1. French fries, potato or macaroni salad. If you're making them casually that is.

    1. Mashed potatoes wouldn't even be my first choice- that would be polenta. So I say go with that. A risotto would also be good, depending on the preparation.

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          Here in the South, those would known as grits!

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          One more vote for polenta. Flavor it with some herbs / spices that will complement how you prepare the short ribs.

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            oooh I like this idea! mmmm you have my brain working now :-)

          2. My short ribs are done in the oven in a cast iron DO.
            When they are meltingly tender i add 2-3 cans of well drained canned butter beans and mix in well.
            A side is thus incorporated into the entree.
            All to whom i have served this have been enthusiastic.

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              That sounds really good. I love polenta with shortribs, but this sounds delicious.

            2. Parsnip puree and braised greens

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                I think the parsnip puree sound so interesting!

              2. Risotto--my favorite. (Although, I must admit, the parsnip puree and braised greens sound good.)

                  1. German potato salad was my first thought; however, it would also depend on how you're preparing the ribs and what your other side dishes will be.

                    1. I think it depends on the preparation. Asian? Noodles. Italian? Polenta. Gnocchi can be fun too. Or homemade spaetzle! So what preparation are you doing? We may change our recommendations based on that.

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                        Totally run-of-the-mill-it's-my-turn-to-make-dinner meal. Dinner for 3, thought I'd try something new. I'm braising them according to Molly Stevens' direction.

                        German potato salad was my first thought too, but then I thought of corn bread, which I like also.

                        Polenta is out, simply because I can only make one new dish at a time. Egg noodles is an idea.

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                          "Polenta is out, simply because I can only make one new dish at a time. Egg noodles is an idea."

                          Just curious...is this a personal thing or does your family not like more then one new thing at a time? Polenta is so simple to make...if you've ever made oatmeal, cream of wheat, etc., it's the same technique. If you use quick-cooking polenta, it's done in 5 minutes.

                      2. in my view, the only reason not to serve polenta would be to clear the way for serving corn bread. with cornbread i'd go with potatoes. another, less standard, side is savory corn waffles--with, say, thyme. these go well with short ribs and are delicious with braising goo.

                        1. I prefer White Rice with Beef Short Ribs over the other starches mentioned.

                          1. Shouldn't this depend on your prep? Flanken cut marinated for galbi would say "rice". Long-bone prep braised in wine might suggest polenta, root vegetables, maybe pea/fava purée (that latter doesn't quite constitute "starch").

                            1. I'm a fan of pearled barley, moistened with some of the (presumable) sauce.

                              1. I just made some last weekend, was going to use rice, but was out, and used couscous instead and it made for a nice combination.

                                1. Might be too similar, but mashed turnips are wonderful....something about their slight bitterness with the savoriness of beef just hits my palate right....

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                                    I like baked or roasted sweet potatoes with anything beef.Sweet potatoe fries are good if ribs are barbequed.Mashed sweets are great too.

                                  2. On her show the other day on Food Network chef Anne Burrell's show was called The Secret of Short Ribs and she did this very tasty looking celery root and potato puree. Here's the link:


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                                      That's a great suggestion Den. Lidia Bastianich also has a recipe for this. Delicious! I love celery root.

                                    2. Thanks for all the suggestions. I don't have a food mill or blender (yet) so I can't make a puree. I don't feel comfortable taking a chance on two new recipes, because what if they both are failures? That's just me.

                                      I will be braising the ribs according to Molly Stevens. If anyone has any input or suggestions that would be fantastic! I'm so excited about the maple glaze...

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                                        What about Crash Hot Potatoes?


                                        Very easy to do and will go with pretty much anything. And this recipe is photo step-by-step as well.