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Apr 28, 2010 02:21 AM

On the water - LI Sound between Greenwich-New Rochelle???

Looking for a recommendation of a good restaurant on the water from Greenwich to NY for a Mother's Day lunch. Been asked and can't think of one...

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  1. l'escale "(port of call") on Steamboat Rd. in Greenwich. French- Provencal. Make sure they do lunch on Sunday, usually just b'fast and dinner, but maybe cuz it's M Day. pricey but good.

    Also F.I.S.H in Port Chester. Inventive seafood in noir-ish setting on a tributary off the Sound. Best seafood on the Westchester Sound shore.. Technically not on this board, but gerrymandering creates strange culinary borders, so you might want to also post on the NY state board. (And you might want to consider the Hudson side -- lotsa terrific places on the water including X20, who do MDay well, but may be booked full already.)

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      Thanks for the suggestions.

      Yeah, I saw the "Outer Boroughs" one and didn't think it should go there, and "New York State exc. New York City" seemed too broad (Buffalo and White Plains in the same descriptive area?) even though I knew it was geographically correct - and I realize that only Greenwich technically falls in New England so I wasn't 100% sure which would be the better place to post.

      But I'll take the suggestion and post on the NY State board, too!