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Apr 28, 2010 12:57 AM


Hey guys,

New thread for Angelenos. Mostly cause I need help with harvesting. The seed packets give me maturity dates but my radishes are certainly not ready yet even though they should be ready right now. Here are some pics and my layouts & dates for the garden. Steal if ya want! Everything is listed with the days I planted. Mostly started from plants unless where stated. We have a bit of shade, so #2 is planted under the tree a bit. That's where the lettuces are and they are doing great..

Any help is sure appreciated!

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  1. Yeah, seed packets only give you a rough idea. Actual maturity depends so much on local weather conditions, day length, local conditions, etc. I know someone who planted early, mid, and late corn, where the late corm was supposed to mature 30+ days after the early. In practice, they all matured within a week of each other!

    Some shade, especially afternoon, is good for the lettuces, but it might be keeping the radishes from sizing up. I've had radishes that got overshadowed by larger plants, and they shot up flower stalks without ever bulbing up. So that might be the problem. Or maybe, since it's 10 days since you posted, they're all sizing up just fine for you now.

    Btw, and maybe you know this already, don't leave the radishes in the ground for more than a week or two once they've sized up, or else they'll bolt and get woody. If I were you, I might plant just half of a square, 2 weeks later plant the rest of that square, 2 weeks later the first half of another square, etc. If you keep up that succession as you harvest the first ones, you might be able to always have some ready to harvest.

    Also, for future springs, take a look at the areas where you've left expansion room (your squash, watermelon, etc.). You might be able to plant radishes in the empty spaces when you first plant those, because the early radishes could mature before those plants get too large.

    Good luck -- the lettuces are gorgeous.