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Recipes for commercially canned peaches

Hi Everybody,

I have a case of canned peaches a friend gave me. I never use commercially canned fruit, or canned fruit for that matter, but my motto is "waste not, want not." I would appreciate any input as to how I can put them to best use. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Peach upside down cake is yummy. http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Peach-Up...

    Also I eat my peaches with cream of wheat, a little sugar and cinnamon. Good stuff.

    Tastes good with bread pudding too, to eat on the side.

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      Canned peaches are also good mixed in the bread pudding before baking. Of course there's always stuffed french toast. I like to use italian or french bread; cut into 1 1/2 inch slices on the bias then cut a pocket in the middle of each slice. Whip up some cream cheese with a little vanilla extract, sugar & cinnamon then add drained & chopped peaches. Spoon mixture into the pockets. Whip up french toast custard of milk, eggs, sugar and a little vanilla or not. Heat an oiled skillet; Quickly dip (don't allow the bread to soak in the mix or it'll be too heavy) the french toast in the custard and cook on both sides till golden. Dust with confectioner's sugar and cinnamon.

      Other uses include cobbler, crisp, ice cream and pie. On the savory side, you can cook the peaches with a little ginger and red pepper flakes to serve with pork chops or tenderloin. Puree them and add into a BBQ sauce.

    2. I'm not much of a canned fruit person myself, but we always kept canned peaches around to make broiled peaches when guests dropped by. It's a good quick dessert with a lot of retro charm.

      Drain the peaches, reserving the juice and putting it into a pan over medium-high heat. If they're peach halves, place them cut side up in a broiler safe dish with a little bit of the juice (just enough to cover the bottom of the dish). If they're sliced, just spread them out evenly. Top with butter, sprinkle with brown sugar and cinnamon and broil until very dark brown. Meanwhile add some cinnamon and brown sugar to the juice on the stovetop and reduce by at least half. Serve hot as a topping for vanilla or butter pecan ice cream, or with cream (whipped or not) over leftover biscuits.

        1. I have a great recipe I learned to make years ago when I was a college student - it is a savory sweet and sour chicken dish:

          1 3-4 lb. fryer, cut in 8 pieces
          1 16 oz can sliced peaches, drained, liquid reserved
          2 tsp lemon juice
          2 T soy sauce
          2 T red wine vinegar
          1 T dark sesame oil
          2 tsp freshly grated ginger
          salt, pepper, garlic, allspice

          In large 10-12 in skillet, brown chicken well on both sides using a little EVOO. Turn chicken skin side up. In food processor, puree half of canned, drained peaches, 1/2 cup peach liquid, soy sauce, ginger, sesame oil and vinegar. Pour over chicken. Cover chicken and cook 20-30 min till done. Just before serving, add remaining peaches, heat through. Serve with rice. You can thicken the sauce with a little cornstarch and water if you think it needs it. You can add some brown sugar to the sauce if you think it needs to be sweeter, I never do.

          1. If you have halves, you can put them in a cake pan, top with a dot of butter for each half, sprinkle with cinnamon, and run under the broiler. great sidedish for tuna noodle casserole.

            1. I've always been intrigued by this Jacques Pepin recipe, which actually specifies canned peaches rather than fresh:


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                Wow! I will try this at my next dinner party. Thanks.

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                  I have made this and it's good!

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                    At least canned peaches were ripe when they went into the can. I have trouble getting fresh ripe fruit.

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                      Yep, that is a nice recipe, Kate. Glad I was able to put it in my files.

                    2. Peach Melba is all ways good, and your half way there with canned peaches...... another good one would be to strain, rinse, blend, re season, sugar and what ever else sounds good at the moment and make some peach "apple sauce"... or strain and make peach jam, once again your half way there with the peaches being peeled and canned.

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                        I have loved Peach Melba since childhood and we always made them from canned peaches. Thanks for reminding me.

                      2. Peach Daquiri's. In a blender, add 1/2 large can of peaches, 1 small can of undiluted frozen lime juice, fill empty can of lime juice with light rum to this, add a little peach juice, a sprinkle or two of powdered sugar and fill blender with ice. Blend - enjoy!

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                          Yumm! This sounds like a perfect cocktail. Thanks

                        2. Paula Deen's Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding

                          Trashy, but good and I use peaches instead of the fruit cocktail.

                          1. Canning was nothing more than a method of preserving local and seasonal fruit and vegetables for our grandmothers. I'm not sure why people get so down on it. The difference between fresh and canned is that the canned is cooked somewhat in the canning process. If you're going to cook the fruit/vegetable some more anyway, what's the difference?

                            There are a lot of good recipes for using canned products in cooking. Most modern canned goods are better than what my grandmother put up because of modern canning methods. I buy the products that have as little as possible in them, like "canned in their own juice," or in water, which is exactly what my grandmother did. She might have added a little citric acid to retain color. There are lots of low sodium canned vegetables. No, they aren't crispy, but they work fine in soups and braises.

                            When winter came, we were always able to have fruit and vegetable, even though there was nothing growing outside -because of canned products. When you can get good quality fresh, use it. But don't be worried about using canned things if you're going to cook them further.

                            1. YES! Cobbler, in fact I'd used them for years before trying fresh, and I still do.

                              I've used them when peaches weren't in season for a stuffed/baked french toast with grand marnier breakfast dish. And also a peach muffin recipe.

                              1. They're lovely in a pie, with some brown sugar, honey, fresh or frozen raspberries, a touch of vanilla, and a splash of cinnamon. Serve the pie with whipped cream or vanilla iced something.

                                1. Yess!..Make a Dump Cake..lots of versions out there..mine is: dump 2 15oz cans of (slice if they're halved )peaches into a (approx) 9" x 15" pan, dump a white or yellow cake mix on top of that, dump )drizzle) a melted stick of butter or 'margarine' over the dry cake mix....bake at 350 degrees approx. 30 minutes..until 'crust' is bubbly and golden brown..serve warm scoops with vanilla ice cream.

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                                    i was going to say this... although i never use canned fruit, i do have a fond high school camping trip memory of "baking" a cake over the campfire. the adult who came with us spread the peaches into a cast-iron skillet, poured a box of yellow cake mix over the top, and then added veggie oil over the top. he covered with a cast-iron lid and propped it over the flame. 15 minutes later and it actually SMELLED like peach cobbler out there in the woods and i have to say it was delicious. or maybe i was just hungry.

                                    i'd never seen such a thing and haven't seen it since?

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                                      Sounds like a tarte tatin. In lieu of apples, the chef used canned peaches and an ingenious short cut, the cake mix. Thanks for sharing.

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                                        i wouldn't call him a chef. he had us eating raw onions like apples for dinner. but it was delicious. hadn't made the tarte tatin connection. i'd like to replicate that peach "tatin" one day. it really was good.

                                  2. I put a leaf of lettuce on a saucer. Put a scoop of cottage cheese on the lettuce. Put 2 halves of canned peaches or pears on or around the cottage cheese. Sprinkle on the paprika for color and serve.

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                                      That peaches and cottage cheese thing is the classic cafe diet dish.

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                                        Yep right out of truck stop. Guess who's mother worked at road side joint in Texas in the 1940's?

                                    2. Canned Peaches & Peach Butter! I have been looking for this recipe too! I finally found one. I am going to try it...