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Apr 27, 2010 09:38 PM

Summer Truffles -- Piemonte or Umbria?

I know the ones from the fall are the best, but for the truffle lover who can only travel in summer --

Piemonte or Umbria? Or both? For either, can anyone recommend restaurants?

I searched this board for "truffles" and "tartufo," but it sounded like people were mostly talking about fall truffles... please let me know if I am mistaken, if the recs also apply to the summer variety.

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  1. not sure about piemonte, but for sure there are plenty of summer truffles around in le marche and umbria. best from end of May early June

    1. Not sure about Umbria, but we have both summer and black truffles here in Piedmont of course, not such a big fuss as the white ones, but all the good osterie around the "zone" (Asti, Alba and Alessandria) will have a tartufo dish.

      1. You can find restaurants serving summer truffle almost everywhere in Umbria. Early June to September. Assisi, Gubbio, Spoleto and neighboring smaller hilltowns are all good.

        Tagliata with truffle at Ristorante Basilica in Santa Maria degli Angeli
        Any pasta at Le Casaline near Poreta or at Ristorante del Ponte Scatolini near Scheggino (they really are speciliezed in truffle dishes)
        Grilled trout with truffle Da Richetta in Visso

        All addresses are available at this link

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          These all sound wonderful.

          madonnadelpiatto -- of these four, which one is your favorite?

          1. re: quillynilly

            All the restaurants I have mentioned are different but all are good family style places where you can eat good truffle prepared in a simple way. I believe a good truffle dish needs to be simple and the truffle should be shaved on it rather than cooked with it.

            Le Casaline is probably the place where you can have a more interesting experience because of their extraordinary "antipasto della casa" which includes among other things several types of cured goose meat. They even come with a tiny goose prosciutto and slice it directly on your plate.

            Richetta is probably the simplest place but it's quite out of the way. We go there on our way to Piano grande di Castelluccio driving first to Visso via Colfiorito and Muccia. We go for a stroll after lunch on the green meadows of the Piano grande and spend the end of the afternoon in Norcia. It's a great day trip if you have the time.

            Basilica is a good reliable restaurant in Assisi-Santa Maria degli Angeli, a very convenient location .

            Ponte Scatolini is the only one of the list which is really specialized in truffle. We go there on our way to/back the magnificent Abbey of San Pietro in Valle. If you want truffle at every course go there.

            1. re: madonnadelpiatto

              Thank you for all this detail!

              I will definitely go to at least one of these restaurants (if not all four!) while in Umbria this July.

              Le Casaline has online booking, and I'm intrigued by the idea of goose prosciutto, so they are the top contender. If I need more truffle action after that, Ponte Scatolini is next on the list. And then you make Richetta sound so idyllic!

              I must remind myself that Umbria is not going anywhere, and since I have limited time there, I may have to make a return trip.

              1. re: quillynilly

                I know, it's difficult to choose. Richetta is a very simple place, basically they serve food in the back room of a cafè, but they are always packed, there must be a reason.

        2. I was in Spoleto in June 2008, and there were several places with great truffle dishes. A fine town, nice and quiet before the Music festival starts in late June or early July. Did not get to be there during the festival on my last stay, will check out that next time.