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Apr 27, 2010 09:11 PM

5.49$/kg (2.49$/kg) for Pork tenderloin, is it a very good price ??


At Metro store they have the pork tenderlon 5.49$/kg (2.49$/kg) ,
is it a true bargain ?? Should I stock pile ?


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  1. That's a good price if you like pork tenderloin...however I find the cheaper cuts of pork to be superior.

    1. It's a good price but keep in mind that most tenderloin sold prepackaged or even on sale usually comes from the US and I no longer buy them. I've been burnt many times in the past with my that was subpar and often having a metallic taste to it that got way beyond the metallic taste normally associated with blood. When cooked, the meat is usually more grey than the desired pink or whitish tone that would normally be the case for good quality tenderloin. Besides, there's no meed to stockpile as the tenderloin special rotates from one chain to another almost on a weekly basis. It'll come back fast enough.

      If I were you, I'd buy one to try it before I buy a whole lot. Now, I only buy my pork products at Porc Meilleur at Jean-Talon market. Slightly more expensive, but I've never thrown a whole tenderloin in the trash as it happenned a few times with those that came from the grocery store.

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        What campofiorin said. It's a bit more expensive but I stay away from supermarket meats. You will not be disappointed with Porc Meilleur.

      2. It is a good price, but if your metro is as bad as the one in my part of town, i would not buy meat or anything perishable from there. Other grocery stores will have tenderloin on special for similar prices. If you want to stock up first find a store with a good reliable bucher then watch the sales for that store.