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Apr 27, 2010 08:31 PM

Whiskey/Scotch tastings in Orange County?

Does anyone know if there are any restaurants in OC that do whisky/scotch tastings? Or even an expert that holds tastings at private events? Thank you!

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  1. Morton's does them sometimes, check their website.

    1. Perhaps Hi Time Liquor in Costa Mesa could steer you in the right direction?

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        Hi Time has a massive Scotch tasting every fall. I don't know if they host smaller tastings throughout the year, but they are definitely the place to go for Scotch in OC.

      2. Johnny Walker used to hold tastings (to include their blue label) in fun venues throughout LA; I haven't seen any invites in the last year or so. Sign up on their website. Other brands may offer similar.

        Dome Liquor on Yorba Linda Blvd (just east of Placentia Ave) holds tastings of various drinks. Ya might check w/them. They sometimes have company reps host & provide info.

        Taps in Brea used to have tasting, but I haven't seen anything recently (b/c I haven't been there recently).

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          Good call, but I think officially they're Vendome, not Dome.

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