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Apr 27, 2010 07:30 PM

in Tokyo for 12 days! local favorites please!

Hi guys!

Wondering if you could help me out here. My bf and I will be in Tokyo for 12 days- staying 6 days in Nihombashi (near Ginza) and 6 in Shibuya/Shinjuku. We're pretty adventurous eaters and want to keep an open budget on the eats.

What we need help with are local eats- we want your favorite ramen, yakitori, tankatsu (sp?), unagi, soba, sushi and sashimi in tokyo. Commuting is also no problem!

Here is what we have so far:

1) Chikuyo-tei Honten- we have a reservation
2) Birdland- we have a reservation
3) Esaki- we have a reservation
4) Sushi Mizutani- trying to get a reservation, but totally impossible as my japanese is truly weak. Will be trying again when we get into Tokyo.
5) Basanova
6) Tsukiji Market and sushi shops in the direct vicinity
7) Menya Kissou
8) Rokurinsha

... please add to this list please!!!!!!

As well, we want to know what is best to eat on Sunday. We've noticed a lot of places are not open.


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  1. The info you want is a bit too broad, but to start
    Tonkatsu - Sueyoshi near Shimbashi is a personal favorite. Not much atmosphere, but if you want Old School great tonkatsu this is a great place

    Sushi, Yakitori and Ramen are very well covered on this board.

    Soba - not sure where to start. I once did a soba tour with a women I dated as she was hardcore into soba. We hit four places in a day all over the city. All were great, but I still have two local soba places that I love. Again a bit of searching will do wonders.


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    1. re: TimJE

      I kept it broad partially because I just wanted to know what were personal favorites of locals.

      Atmosphere does not mean much to us- we just really want yummy food! I'll definitely check out that Tonkatsu place that you recommended. Thanks so much!

      What are these two local soba places you were mentioning?

    2. Just went to Rokurinsha last week- Incredible! The whole ritual of the place is amazing, as is the ramen.

      I also really loved this corner yakitori place where everyone stands outside at tables made from old sapporo beer crates. A block or two from the Hamamatscho Station, across from a place called 'Cucumber Blues' (not sure what that is but you can't miss it

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