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Apr 27, 2010 05:59 PM

Hungry birthday girl seeks tasty carrot cake

I'm not a big fan of birthdays, but I sure am a fan of great cake. My birthday is just around the corner, and I'm on the hunt for the best carrot cake in Boston- all recommendations welcome! The raisinless, walnut-laced, thickly frosted variety is my favorite. Where should I go to celebrate?!

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  1. Clear Flour in Brookline (might want to call ahead and order one, to be safe)

    1. Clear Flour's cake baking schedule is unpredictable so you'd definitely need to call ahead. Their carrot cake is a loaf cake frosted only on the top.

      I like Formaggio's carrot cake. It's round but only a single layer. It has the qualities you describe but I seem to think it might have raisins or crushed pineapple. Formaggio in Cambridge also sells its cake in single-serving squares so you could give it a try before committing to a whole cake.

      If you do an expanded search on this board, probably going back to 1/1/2009 or perhaps even 1/1/2008, you'll find an extensive thread on carrot cake.

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        Clear Flour will have carrot cake for Mother's Day weekend, Friday May 7 through Sunday May 9.

      2. Rosie's bakery does a great carrot cake birthday cake...

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          I second Rosie's. Most carrot cake I've ever consumed in a sitting. Moist, not too dense, lots of carrot, and no raisins, if I remember correctly.

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            I am generally not a fan of the food here but the Cheesecake factory has a pretty yummy slice of carrot cake. I prefer it to the cheesecake!

            1. re: lmuller

              Ditto the CF one, but it does have raisins. It was my favorite until I found a recipe that was better (which also uses raisins to keep it moist)...

        2. Whole Foods actually does a really solid carrot cake, if you're into supporting them.

          1. I had awesome carrot cake at a wedding once, it was from Konditor Meister in Braintree.