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Apr 27, 2010 04:33 PM

MING YING Chinese Pan Asian Restaurant Long Branch NJ

Upon very good recommendations we were in the area last night and tried dinner at
MING YING Chinese Pan Asian Restaurant 80 Montgomery Ave Long Branch NJ..
this tiny take out restaurant with only 2 tables has the best food Chinese / Pan Asian food I have had in a very long time....what sets them out above the rest is that they only use fresh vegetables & products cooked to order. I ordered the Shrimp Dumpling Soup which was to die for ..definitely the best dumplings I have ever had and the portions are huge, My wife had the Chicken Corn soup OMG it was delicious loaded with sweet corn & fresh garlic YUM! Volcano beef w/onion in Black Pepper sauce , crispy Fish in garlic Sauce .....the menu is extensive and way beyond the normal take out place.....check it out soon you wont be sorry....this place is the "REAL DEAL" *****


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  1. Thursday's are take out/dine out at something very casual and hopefully 'inexpensively' as well. Being a 'local', this is but 5 minutes from the house and we'll try it tomorrow. Sounds very appetizing.

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      JustJake please report back soon. Looking forward to your review.

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        Did go yesterday, and it didn't start out well. Bride initially didn't want Chinese, my oldest (24) no problem as long as he gets to put food in his stomach. There was no hot water in that coffee maker and I had to ask twice for that to be given some attention. It's a busy take out place and the table we were seated at, had a 'local', seated at a stool at the side counter who was either eating the soup (with a lot of siracha) or the wings, as his face was totally sweaty, there was food on his lap, etc, and it was extremely 'gross' to have him in view. That and some of the clientele coming in provided quite a menagerie of characters (and I did not grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth either, having led my formative years in a gritty blue collared town with a lot of bars, etc)

        Now, onto the crux of this place: "the food". IT IS THAT GOOD. The Shrimp Wonton Soup is chock full of flavor, with the wontons in that delicately 'thin' wrapper (that I like). The soup was piping hot and the best that I have had. My wife immediately begins warming to the idea that what once appeared to be a 'train wreck' was interesting enough that we may have found a 'diamond in the rough'.

        Son had the volcano beef, wifey had the butterfly shrimp and I had the sliced duck in garlic sauce. We all shared dishes. She commented that that was the best butterfly shrimp she had in a long long time (has long stopped ordering it); a nice sauce, bacon done fairly crispy and I have to agree, it was delicious. The Volcano Beef is outstanding, plentiful, marinated, tender and peppery (GREAT) though my son would've liked more vegetables (though he had plenty to pick over from my dish), with my sliced duck being so good; crispy,, boneless, in a nice brown sauce (that could have been just a tad less sweet, but nevertheless quite good) with a nice assortment of fresh vegetables (including red pepper, zucchini).

        We ordered a few things to go (as my youngest was returning from college last night), and I have to say, I did sample one of the 'chicken dumplings' at the house and all I can say is wow!!! Also ordered the Thai Beef fried rice, and as I finish up, I will see what I can take to the office for lunch today.

        4* for this wonderful eatery, and I can't believe that it was that close and that unknown to us. Tapas, your recommendation was right on the money.

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          Just a quick addendum. The Thai Beef Fried Rice that I just finished up at lunch was delicious. Charred tender beef, just enough basil & hot pepper to give it flavor and a smidgeon of 'heat.

          This is one terrific little hole in the wall. We need more of them (and not just confined to Chinese or pan Asian cuisine).

          Thanks again Tapas.

          1. re: JustJake

            JustJake...I am so glad you and your family enjoyed your experience at
            Ming Ying. As I read your review my mouth was I am in the area every Monday evening & although we've been there twice so far and loved it..I just can't wait to go back next week to try some more dishes....
            The Shrimp dumplings are sooooo good also......they really have put their talents to work there for sure....hope you and many others here on CH try it many more times...I'm glad I was able to put a smile on you face, it really is a 'diamond in the rough".....enjoy!

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              I'm going to try the crispy fish in blackbean sauce the next time there (they also do it with squid as well). I'm hoping that it's even better than than either the squid or fish (cod) in black bean sauce that I get at Hong Kong Restaurant on Easton Ave. in Franklin (which is excellent)

              Btw, with the open kitchen @ MY , it looked to be very very clean too (that's always a big +)

    2. Does anyone have a menu they can put on here?

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            Justjake.....had dinner there again today.....the VOLCANO STEAK was Excellent!!
            We also had the Shrimp w/ Asparagus which was so fresh the spears snapped when you bit them.., Shrimp Dumplings fantastic, which they made when we ordered them, & Chicken corn soup OMG ! it was Sooooo Good!
            Can't wait tio return again.

      1. Does anyone know if they make soup dumplings- Xiaolongbao??

        1. Sockster - no soup dumplings. Their menu is basically just a regular takeout menu with a few extras thrown in.

          My girlfriend lives right down the street from this place so I find myself going there from time to time but I've never been blown away by the food, seemed to me like an average chinese takeout place with the exception of a few other dishes. I go there for the noodle bowls, since they're the only place in the area i know of that does that sort of thing. And yes, their shrimp dumpling/wontons are really good... i like to get the seafood noodle soup which comes packed with shrimp dumplings.

          In my experience the place really seemed like a regular takeout joint, but then again I've never had any of their specialty dishes like the Volcano Beef, I guess it's about time I tried it out!

          By the way, does anyone else find it puzzling when you walk into a Chinese joint with white people working the register? I always feel so weird ordering there haha :D

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            Hey, thanks for the update....have you checked out this board and looked at Shanghai Bun in Matawan. Great soup dumplings...but a 25 minute drive each way for me, so I was hoping......

            Shanghai Bun Restaurant
            952 State Route 34 Ste 6, Matawan, NJ 07747

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              Long Branch has a large Latino community....and the owners only speak a certain dialect of Chinese (not main stream Mandarin) they even have a Mandarin speaking worker to talk on the phone to Chinese Mandarin for the Latino workers there they are critical to translate to the customers taking orders....I would also suggest you delve into the menu Ming Ying is certainly no ordinary Chinese take out joint.

            2. OK after much wrangling decided to give it a try this weekend...

              ordered steamed shrimp dumplings, chicken in scallions and ginger, volcano beef and steamed wontons in hot sesame oil and some thai beef fried rice..

              drove over to get and got very concerned as I approached the garish sign overhead and cartoonish pictures of menu dishes visible form the street over the counter and a surly looking person staring over his soup at me through the window as I approached the door

              But the food was ready, counter staff friendly and clad in clean green polo shirts and the kitchen was busy but certainly clean!

              They offered me a free coke and I accepted as I grabbed my booty and headed back home to MB

              OK so the verdict

              the steamed shrimp dumplings maybe the best ever, including NOBU in London.

              The wantons were ok, the sesame oil pasty and too sweet

              The volcano beef was very tough but the onion and pepper sauce was very well done

              Chicken with ginger and scallions almost perfect, vegetables crisp, sauce just right , chicken seemed fresh and was delicious

              The Thai fried rice was awesome! Just enough heat, just right amount of grilled beef, a great choice

              Thanks everyone for this find...

              shrimp dumplings and fried rice will be a staple of the summer season for us!!!