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The 15.5 qt Lecreuset goose pot came in yesterday. Here is a photo:

Its next to the 8qt oval in Cobalt, and the 5.5 round in Dijon:

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  1. AWESOME!!
    Now show us a cooked goose!

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      1. Congratulation! It looks like you can nest the 8qt with lid in the goose pot. Can you lift it up by yourself? Just curious:)

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          it weighs 26 pounds-it weighs just about as much as my 15 month old!

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            Are you trying to make everyone jealous?

        2. I love the red, yellow, and blue together!

            1. Nice pot, but what I REALLY want to know is what color paint you used on your walls! That's exactly the shade I wanted but I ended up with a horrible, anemic "post it note" shade of yellow, instead. Please? Pretty please? Surely you've got that old paint can just lying around, right?

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                Unlikely you'll be happy. The color on the wall will vary according to the time of day since daylight changes color from morning (blue) to noon (white) to afternoon (red) plus the indoor lights (fluorescent, incandescent and mixture) affect your perception of the color. Second her digital camera 'interprets' the color and that's not exact. Finally, your computer monitor is probably not calibrated to produce a perfect match as well. So be sure to check out a few color samples before slapping it on the wall.

              2. Becky, the paint came from SHerwin Williams, and is called "golden glow".

                Mother of four, I took this picture in my dining room

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                  Thanks so much! I'll get a sample. Clearly, MY problem was that mine--which is Benjamin Moore--was called "Moon Dipper" I should have gone straight to the source of the light. <g>

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                    This one I can see! Before, no picture!

                  2. Beautiful. But please be careful, not only because it is lovely and expensive, but because that pot, full of hot meat and cooking juices, can be a serious hazard aka your goose will be cooked (sorry). Please tell us how cooking in it went.

                    I like your paint colour as well. It is hard to find yellows that really give that sunny effect.

                    1. Wow, that's gorgeous, and in my favorite color! I am a fan of Le Creuset and have cooked with it for almost 20 years now. My largest piece is the 6.75 qt oval which weighs almost 14 lbs. empty. When it's full of soup or stew it's a chore to lift, and it's not getting easier the older I get! I can't imagine what your goose pot will weigh once it's full. I'll echo lagatta and say please be careful.