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Apr 27, 2010 04:11 PM


Wondering if it is OK, poor or actually good.
I am sure it cannot be great.
Also, any particulars, if someone knows, the pasta, quality of other ingredients, etc.
It is curiosity at this point. I will not be wasting any time in France eating this.
Though they claim it is not much time at all. I guess that is something.
Then again, they claim to want to be like Starbucks and that is no good.

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  1. Well, I don't do Starbucks either here nor there. But at 7.50€ to 9.50€, I can think of several other "fast food" options I'd prefer. Foody's on Montorguiel, for one, with a heaping serve- yourself plate at 5.50€ or picking up a baguette and 50gr Pata Negra at Spring Epicerie for 10€, enough to split between two people. And then there are Nooi's current locations, none of which are on our normal mid-day routes.

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        1. Weird... A pasta chain finds its way here. Next thing you know there'll be threads about Allo Couscous and La Brioche Dorée.
          There have been some attempts of doing pasta chains or pasta-fast-food in France. It is a clever idea: minimal costs, interesting profit margins, (nearly) everybody eats pasta. I hear Nooï is reasonably cheap and uses good produce but according to the opinion of a few guinea-pigs of mine, it is okay in quality but not to the point of deserving a lot of comments.
          (Blé is wheat in US English.)

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