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Apr 27, 2010 03:57 PM

Non-Stick Angel Cake pan

I'm a newbie in baking. I bought a non-stick, bottom-removable angel cake pan by mistake. I tried to make an angel cake last weekend, the cake fell off and collapse when I place it upside down to cool. Now it's too late to refund it, are there any recipe that I can use this pan for?


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  1. Since it's non-stick, that means that instead of an angel food cake pan, you have yourself an ordinary tube pan. You can use it to bake anything that you want to come out with a hole in the middle, from cake to corn bread to quiche. Keep in mind that the timing is going to be different since there's now a hole in the middle.

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      Is the timing gonig to be longer, baking with a tube pan?

      1. re: k.lee

        It depends. If switching to the tube pan makes the depth of the batter thicker, then yes it will take longer. If it's about the same thickness, then it will be a shorter cooking time because of the hole in the middle.

    2. Pound cakes and coffee cakes do very well in tube pans.

      1. My Mom did the same thing recently, and she hasn't been a baking newbie since the 40's. It just didn't occur to her that it wouldn't work for angel cakes. so don't feel bad, and yes, it's perfect for pound cakes and coffee cakes. And it's nice for your real angel cake pan to NEVER be used for anything else so there can't be any fat residue on the sides. I break Alton Brown's "no uni tasker" rule for angelfood pans.

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          Alton Brown does recommend an angel food cake pan with feet and separate tube-base. His very informative demo is on You Tube.

        2. I'm not a huge fan of baking cakes with lots of frosting (now eating them is another story!), so a tube pan allows me to bake a two-layer cake as a tube-cake and skirt the need for frosting altogether while making the cake more elegant than a sheet cake. Any usually-unfrosted cake works well for it.

          1. Thanks everyone, now I can make use of this pan and I'll have to get a proper angel cake pan soon!