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Apr 27, 2010 03:52 PM

Pearl Court on Gerrard (I think?)

Does anyone known if Pearl Court is still open? I believe it was on Gerrard. My parents used to take me there when I was younger. We always tried to go to authentic chinese restaurants (all Chinese menus were always exciting to my Dad!) and I recall this place fondly.

I particularly remember them doing a whole, split and lightly deep fried pickerel, with stir-fried veggies on top and a delicious sweet and sour sauce on the side. It was a favourite of my family. I would love to try it again.

Does anyone know if they're open and if they still serve that wondeful fried fish?

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  1. They're still open but I have no idea about the fish. I only go there for dim sum - before 10:30 in the morning they have a deal at $2 a dim sum, mix of menus and carts. Not the best but not bad either. It's great for parents with a toddler who wants to wake up at the crack of dawn.

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      LOL good to know, thanks! I have a 2 1/2 year old. She would get a kick out of Dim Sum. It's a bit of a drive for us since I live in Ajax now, but I always love good cheap dim sum!

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        I quite like the dim sum there too. It's not gourmet standard, but it's cheap and cheerful. Also, the trolley ladies are actually friendly and look like they're having a good time, unlike some of the miserable ones I've seen downtown.

    2. yes it is still open and a month or so ago even had a bit of a reno - new paint, tables and chairs, new flooring. It was our regular place for dim sum when we lived in the east end.

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        Thanks so much for the info everyone! I hope to get back down there one day soon to see if the food is as good as I remember.